Case Study—Chinese with American accent Audios Transcription

About the Project:

Three audios are included in the transcription projects, which each last 30 to 40 minutes of .These videos are in poor quality and bring with background noise, especially buzzing over every entire audio. Besides, transcriptions are urgently required for use, only one and a half days as delivery time. So the balance is a must between quality & time.


As referred, sound affect is so poor. Besides, topics are about strong dispute & have something with law. The most challenging thing is, one speaker is American who speaks Chinese brokenly and sometimes talks a series of English mixes with little Chinese vocabularies. So it will spend more time than usual videos.

But the client asks us for help in transcribing all details with few omissions. Obvious, it brought great challenges to our job even for native Chinese speakers.

For most of transcription materials, rules will be followed as below:

1. Everything will be kept, not only what we can heard of, but also others will be marked, such as interjections, hesitations and breaks.

2. If there have several unintelligible words in audio, the transcriptionists are not allowed to ignore the speech. It is required to mark “unintelligible” in the script.

3. When a person obviously mispronounces a word, the word must be spelled correctly and then add a memo in the script.

CCJK Solution:

Ever since 2000, CCJK began to providing its first-class language services around the world.

1. CCJK transcription project manager allocated the total 3 audio files to native speakers with fair English level.

2. For each of them, time code should be added in every 1 minute (could be customized) & strict rules will be carried on to ensure the quality.

3. CCJK performed a rigid work process: all transcriptions undergo a two-stage process. All of the audio files are transcribed by an experienced transcriptionist and reviewed by a second one.

4. The files are arranged well and delivered to our customer on time.

5. Follow-ups & feedbacks.


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