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At CCJK, we carefully craft the recording for whatever purpose a client demands. Despite being the top-rated voice-over services provider, we work at a nominal price as an additional benefit to the client. Our voice over translation services can tackle any demand or requirements the client requires.

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With authentically articulated accents and impeccable pronunciation, our voice-over specialists will flawlessly adapt the tone you desire for your business. Whether it is friendly and warm, professional or natural, our talented experts can do it all. Send us your project today!

The Best Voice Over Services

The availability of experienced voice-over professionals, advanced sound technology, and the fastest turnaround time make us a credible choice for all your voiceover needs. Our certified professionals have harnessed their vocal powers through years of training and working on hundreds of different projects. Plus, our global network is so diverse that you’re sure to find the right language, accent, tone, or style you need to add authenticity to your audiovisual content – always. Whether you need a female voice for a commercial or a male voice for a cartoon character, we’re ready to deliver commendable results as per your project needs.


Our Popular Voiceover Translation Services

Try our multi-lingual voiceover services today and make an optimistic decision for your business. Whether it’s a video or audio file, we’ll offer you affordable voiceover services for all types of content.

Commercial Voiceovers

CCJK has a team of professional voice-over artists who have the required skills and expertise to deliver first-class voice recordings for advertising, marketing, or promotional purposes. We understand the importance of a clear and engaging voice-over when it comes to conveying commercial messages to your audience. That’s why we always strive for perfection in every project we handle. Our talented voice artists are seasoned professionals who apply their remarkable vocal stylings to the best of your advantage. As a result, you will be able to connect at emotional levels with your target audiences and leave a lasting impression.

Animation Voiceovers

We deliver professional voiceover services for animated content of all types, ranging from traditional animation to 2D vector-based, motion graphics, stop motion, and 3D computer animation. Our goal is to make your animated videos a success. We do this by matching you with versatile voice actors whom you can choose based on role, characteristics, language, and accent. To bring your characters and script to life, our voice actors adapt their voices in a way that suits your unique project requirements and makes it perfect to connect with your target audience.

Audiobook Voiceovers

We help clients from a diverse spectrum of fields for localization of their audiobooks by providing voice over services. Our multilingual voice actors have years of experience delivering professional voice over services for audiobooks of all genres: business, comedy, sci-fi, fantasy, fiction, and thriller, etc. Their vocal tone, reading pace, pitch, and unique characteristics all come together to tell your story in a manner that keeps listeners fascinated until the very end. So, whether you need a Chinese or English voice-over or in any other language, you can count on CCJK’s professional voice over services for the best possible outcomes.

E-Learning Voiceovers

Get the best out of your online course by choosing the right voice-over talent with us. Whether your training or educational course is designed for students, employees, or other stakeholders like partners and vendors, we’ll always help you find the right voice for your e-learning project. The best thing is, we’re fast, responsive, and easy to work with. You will be able to hire e-learning voice over services in as many as 230 languages and 800 language combinations, such as English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Arabic, Farsi, and more.

Narration Voiceovers

We can help you narrate a crime documentary, lifestyle TV show, sci-fi audiobook, and so much more. Our narration specialists are experts when it comes to telling a story, be it instructional, entertaining, guiding, or explaining. But how do we ensure your listeners understand the complexities easily? By delivering well-researched narrations in a clear and detailed manner. Our narrators are good at adjusting the delivery so that it conveys the message the way you want. Ready to create compelling and captivating narration voice overs? Contact us today.

Non-Fiction Voiceovers

Elevate your narrative using our expert non-fiction voice over services. Having many years of experience in the industry, our voice artists will give new life to your content. They excel especially when it comes to such experiences as live sports broadcasting, news anchoring, documentaries, game shows, and educational programs. By hiring our voice-over solutions, you ensure your target audience will find the content real and engaging with a genuine emotional touch in each and every word, phrase, and sentence. So, are you ready to create fascinating non-fiction stories using professional voice overs? Let our experts work their magic on your goals.

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