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The client need both of language combinations to be translated accurately and with high quality within 48 hours turnaround time. The translators should keep the English text above their translations.

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About the project:
The client has 4 -5 page International school newsletter for November issue and a parent letter that need to be translated from English to Simplified and traditional Chinese. The client need both of language combinations to be translated accurately and with high quality within 48 hours turnaround time. The translators should keep the English text above their translations by section so the client could know where to put the information.

Our Solution:
1. On selection of suitable translators to work on this project, our project manager followed a strict guideline, the simplified and Traditional Chinese translators who would like to work on this project must be verified by our language lead and with 5 translation experiences.

2. Regarding the Traditional Chinese translation, we never translate the text in Simplified Chinese first, and then use automatic conversion software to convert Simplified to Traditional, leaving many errors in the translation! This is totally prohibited in our translation process. The translators who in charge of translating Traditional Chinese are Taiwan native speakers. Not the trained in-house simplified translators. As we all know, professional native translators always have in-depth knowledge of his mother tongue, i.e. the style, spelling and more. To ensure the accuracy and top quality of the translation, CCJK keep the promise to the client all the time.

3. We run strict TEP (translation, editing and proofreading) process by different linguists. The services include Translation + Independent Editing + Independent Proofreading + Final reviewing by professional Project Manager. That is, to make sure of the highest translation accuracy,

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Client Feedback:
Thank you for your timely turnaround. It was a pleasure working with you. We hope to do business with you again.

About Client:
St. Croix Lutheran High School is a private parochial high school of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) serving young men and women in grades nine through twelve. Founded in 1958, St. Croix has served more than three generations of students in a caring, supportive Christian community. Located on 30 acres of land in a West St. Paul residential area, St. Croix’s diverse student body consists of 470+ students from the greater Twin Cities metropolitan area and from many foreign countries. Seeking to provide for the spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and social growth of its students, St. Croix offers students a full range of courses in Bible knowledge and religion, English, mathematics, business, fine arts, world languages, social studies, the sciences and physical education. Basic, accelerated, and advanced placement courses are available, well preparing students for their post-secondary endeavors. Ninety-five percent of St. Croix graduates continue their education, enrolling in colleges across the United States.

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