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We help all schools, colleges, and universities to achieve international success with the rightful translators at the backhand. 

We as a translation agency has helped numerous educational institutions to translate their much-needed documents in unique language pairs.

To catch the attention of international authorities, especially students, you don’t require to look in any other direction, CCJK has a strong inspiration for educational regards. With accurate education translation services, it’s a one-stop solution for your institutions.

Documents We Translate

  • Admission policy 
  • Cooperation agreement
  • Assignment of credit hour policy
  • Academic staff handbook
  • Doctoral regulations
  • Applications for transfer of credit
  • Portfolios
  • Curriculum catalogs
  • Student reports

Education Terminology

We have the finest education translators with long-term experience to translate the educational documents for this privileged industry. To cater to the attention of prospective foreign students and parents overseas, you can take our help to localize your course introductions and other important documents. 

The translation memory tool is one of the most effective tools translators bid by to enhance the translation process. We recruit a team of professional native translators that dissolve the language barrier for student bodies and academic purposes. Our native translators have fluent lingual skills and can produce accurate translation results. 


Usually, education relevant projects are detailed and require accurate information. If it’s a lengthy project completion time will automatically increase, but we do our best to deliver the project in fast turnaround time and we translate around 3000 words per day.
To ensure the quality of the educational documents, legit references are kept in focus. Our subject matter experts translate the document in an accurate manner and manage the time accordingly.
There are different factors that affect the cost of the translation such as target language, region, and project’s detail, etc. however, we do offer highly competitive prices for translation in each industry
We do not compromise on legalities to secure the data. Bonded agreements are signed by the translators to ensure the confidentiality of the documents.
For more than a decade, we have the honor to provide education translation services.

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95% rating

Over 95% of Our Clients Recommend Our Language Translation Services to Others.

Our professional translation services are preferred by many globally known names. With nearly two decades of experience, CCJK’s quality-centric approach and professional services have earned us a reputation as the most-trusted language service provider around the globe

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