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The Client provided us original PDF, InDesign file, links, English fonts and bilingual translation in MS Word. The report is created by InDesign CS6.

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About the project:

The client has an excellent report that needs Chinese typesetting. They provided us original PDF, InDesign file, links, English fonts and bilingual translation in MS Word. The report is created by InDesign CS6, which walks through key facts and complex figures on the road to ending poverty. There have 12 pages in total and the final Chinese report should have the same graphic design and stylish format as the English report. As the report will be released on public, Quality and fast turnaround time is crucial to the client.

Our Solution:

1. Determined to offer worry-free translation services to our client, we carefully allocated the Chinese typesetting job to our skilled and knowledgeable DTP engineers to meet the deadline.


2. After the layout job gets done, we will send it to native translator for reviewing.


3. The DTP specialists implement the changes based on translator’s comments.


4. Final file sent to translator for approval.


5. The completed engineering files are in large size and in order to ensure the client’s information is kept in secure and confidential, we applied the following security measures in place:

Secure VPN communication – IPSec/PPTP

Secured FTP,

SSL (HTTPS) webmail,

Secured SMTP,

Antivirus and firewall protection,

No clients files in the cloud.


Client benefits:

1) By CCJK streamlined DTP process, our solution improved efficiency and saved 50% costs for the client. 2) Guaranteed 100 % quality output, unlimited and tailored amendments until client’s satisfaction.

About client:

The client is a not-for-profit enterprise called Development Initiatives Poverty Research Ltd (DIPR). For over 20 years, Development Initiatives Ltd has worked towards ending poverty. They conduct and compile statistical analysis, evaluative data and research but crucially consider how these can be applied to strategy, policy and practice. Their great vision is to end of absolute poverty by 2030. Development Initiatives Ltd believes that all resources could have a role to play in getting poverty to zero. The client has formal partnerships with The Bookings Institution, Development Research and Training, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, United Nations Development (UNDP) and Operations Planning (UNOPS) Programs to realize the global vision of ending poverty.



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