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The client wants to develop a suite of marketing products booklet in multi-lingual print. The language is including Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Thai and Arabic.

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About the project:

The client wants to develop a suite of marketing products booklet in multi-lingual print. The language is including Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Thai and Arabic. Indesign CS5 will be applied in this Desktop publishing project. There have ten pages in total as per the indesign pages.

This multilingual typesetting project should strictly follow the client’s specific instructions.

1) Make sure that certain words are not split between lines for Japanese booklet.

2) Page layouts in Arabic translation have to be ‘flipped’ to ensure they can be read correctly.

3) The Chinese and Russian translated texts are expand by up to 25% of English source, those Indd files are required to be reformatted to ensure it doesn’t look squashed.

4) Proofreading the layout files before delivery.

5) Delivery time will be 1.5 days.

6) Delivery format: Indd and low resolution PDF files.

Our Solution:

CCJK have more than 10 in-house Chinese DTP specialists as well as an extended network of freelance DTP experts to support Arabic, Japanese, Russian and Thai typesetting job. All foreign typesetting jobs are performed by the native engineer in their languages. It will be better ensured that all multilingual booklets are laid out appropriately, stylishly and exactly to the client’s core value. Before delivery, we will have a double check of the layout files to guarantee that all corrupted character, orphan line and orphan character are killed in the finished files. Also the bold and italic texts in the source paragraph are correctly appeared in the target languages and the typesetting are in line with the habit of the target language.


Client Feedback:

That’s perfect. I am enjoying working with you guys! From now on I will start putting my Arabic language translation through CCJK as well.

About client

Rhubarb Fool is a multi-media content-creation, brand-marketing and design agency, specializing in multi-lingual tourism and retail content. They are creatives, designers and digital experts. The Rhubarb Fool team comprises a who’s who from the travel industry, the guidebook world and the visitor publishing industry. Rhubarb Fool offers a fully integrated approach to destination promotion that includes print, digital, social and video, ensuring your place stands out from the crowd in a very claustrophobic marketplace.

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