Boost Your Reach With Website Localization Services

As you’re reading this text, your potential customers are busy buying from elsewhere. They won’t come to you if your website happens to go against their preferences.

Reports tell, most users prefer to surf websites that resonate with their local language, culture, and lifestyle. Else, they just click away. So, how to ensure that more customers find you online, relate themselves to your business, and don’t bounce off?

The answer lies in considering website localization services. This approach will modify your website so that it becomes usable and culturally suitable for all customers around the world.

Website Localization Requires The Right Strategy

Thinking small isn’t an option in this global and multicultural world. Chances are, your products are in demand in several foreign markets. Want to expand your outreach to all of them? Website and CMS localization is the solution!

But, before you start localization of website for each market, your first concern should be to define the right strategy. At CCJK, we help clients like you to:

  • Determine the best business strategy
  • Figure out suitable languages, cultures, or regions
  • Implement localization for website using native experts


Our Customized Website Localization Solutions

CCJK is a leading website localization company that specializes in offering the best website localization services for all kinds of online platforms. This includes localizing your personal blogs, e-learning platforms, e-commerce sites, and official company websites.

Desktop Publishing

Changing the website language can have a drastic impact on how a website appears. For example, the text length can expand or shrink during translation, changing the entire format of your website. As a top website localization provider, we offer you desktop publishing that ensures your adapted website retains its original formatting and is equally attractive to engage an intended audience in the new region.

WordPress Website Localization

Want to make your WordPress site multilingual? Looking for a reliable and fast WordPress website localization platform? CCJK has got your back. We have all the resources, technology, and expertise you need to localize your WordPress websites into any target region or language. We’ll render the best WordPress website localization thanks to our thousands of native localization experts, advanced technological solutions, and a simple-to-use multilingual plugin.

CMS Solutions

WordPress isn’t the only CMS for which we offer website language localization. We are well-versed in localizing all popular CMS solutions:

  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Magneto
  • Shopify and more.

Translation Proxy Solutions

Our website localization agency allows you to localize your website automatically and instantly through translation proxy solutions. It’s a server-based application that acts as an intermediary between your website and its worldwide end users. With a translation proxy solution, you only focus on the source material. At the same time, your localized site remains in perfect sync and displays a localized version every time a global user accesses the website.

Website Replication

We offer professional website localization services by following various approaches such as website replication. It involves replicating a website separately for each target region and linguistic needs. However, we don’t recommend this option to clients who have ever-evolving marketing strategies. Similarly, website replication does not make a good option for those with multiple localized websites.

JavaScript-based Solution

Also called a snipped-based solution, the JavaScript-based solution uses a simple line of code that contains instructions for the localized elements. The localized content actually remains on the server of the localization company. Upon searching the original website, the user’s browser reads the JavaScript snippet and displays the respective adapted content in an automatic fashion. So, let’s connect if you’re interested in such Java website localization.

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How We Localize Your Website


Preparation and Planning

In this phase, we work with you to create a detailed localization plan. This includes identifying your target audience, creating a workflow, setting up turnaround time, and forming a team.



Project Execution

Our localization experts start adapting the textual and visual components of your website. At the end of this phase, we compile a fully localized version of your website as per your instructions.



Post-Localization Testing

In the last step, we perform linguistic and cultural testing of the whole website. If there’s any issue, we will apply appropriate edits and then send you the completed project.


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