Alan Wang

Managing Director & CEO

Alan founded the company from scratch in 2002 and kept filling in the organization with fresh qualities. The early years witnessed CCJK Technologies grow from a local startup into a reputable cross-continental company in language and IT business with clients and resource chains which continue to expand all over the world.



Operation Manager

Starting in business as a language translator, Ben managed to be acquainted with the operating workflow of complex translation/localization projects, which gave him great edges in winning mounting orders in his later career as an international sales manager.



Director of Language Services

Charlie is managing the departments of PM, Linguistics and DTP Engineering in order to deliver quality language services to our clients on time. Tri-lingual as he is, he speaks fluent German, English and Mandarin and loves direct communication to solve problems for our clients.



R&D Director

Holding a BA degree Majored in English Translation, Cindy took a very unusual career path to be a programmer. Now she leads the R&D division within CCJK, which is mainly responsible for the development of newest technologies in translation/ localization and many other fields as well.


Muhammad Tahir

Technical Director

Tahir has done several projects of web applications and desktop software since 2006. He has profound knowledge and rich experience in PHP and Java technologies. Now, as the Technical Director and Technical Assistant for Sales, he is managing the whole team of web professionals in CCJK.


Mudasser Aslam


Serving as CTO, Mudasser boasts of a vibrant, multidirectional, dynamic, professional career reckoned to gain expertise in all relevancy and professional facets. He is master of different programming platforms, and has ability to find best suitable solution to all the problems we face during development.



Office Manager at Shenzhen Head Office

With more than 4-year working experience in employment advertise and disposition, Dande is now responsible for forming strong talent base and forging solid labor relations in CCJK. In order to have everyone get along and work better, she spares no effort to construct a harmonious and friendly enterprise atmosphere for all.



Office Manager at Changsha Office

Six years’ working experience as an accountant turns Jenny into a reliable person with a careful and meticulous mind. Now responsible for human resource management, accounting and administrative management in CCJK Changsha office, she ensures a smooth running of the office and an agreeable working environment as well.

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