Russian to Tagalog Localization Project

The client wants to cooperate with us on Russian to Tagalog localization projects. It consists of two stages, translation and review.

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About Logrus LLC:
Logrus is an independent provider of a full range of localization services based on Russia since 1993. It’ s the largest localization company with a team of skilled professionals most of whom were former employees of Russian research institutions with a strong technical background.

Benefit of high qualified resources and lower cost of engineering work in Russia, Logrus started its expansion into the market of multilingual software localization, engineering and testing. They are now looking for cooperators who can do Russian to Tagalog localization projects, that is why they choose us.

About the project:
The client wants to cooperate with us on Russian to Tagalog localization projects. It consists of two stages, translation and review. To start the real cooperation, we must pass the testing.Therefore, we should provide the highest quality testing sample and offer a competitive price to show our company strength and sincerity.

CCJK Solution:
As we all know, Russian to Tagalog is a kind of language pairs with few resources, to ensure the accurate of the translation, we will translate Russian to English first, then translate English to Tagalog.That is to say, we make our all translation process doubled. So invisibly increase translation costs and extend the time for translation. How to good control of the potential risks of these factors and also provide high quality translation service is the most important one we deal with it.Before the translation starts, we anlaysis the testing contents, it refers to IT materials, so we will arrange the translators who are skilled in this field and have a lots of experience in this part to do this job.When translate the files, we need to have a glance of the whole contents and pick up keywords and glossary from them, we also need to research the related information about this field to make sure translation is of high quality.

After the first round of translation is finished, a second translator was engaged in editing the translation and then a third one proofreading them. The professional Project Manager will final review all of them to make sure all things goes well before delivery.Not only the quality, we also need to control the delivery time, we will set a schedule for each project to help us track the progress of the project, benefit from this, it’s really a great impetus and help to delivery file any time.Whenever and wherever, as long as we are able to perfect complete the customer’s requirements, that is our biggest harvest.

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