They were in need of a professional team who could help them both in web developing and Chinese translation field in limited time.

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About zolo:

Zolo is an American company founded in 1986 by BYRON GLASSER & SANDRA HIGASNI,whose main products is creative toys for children. Attracting attention for its ground-breaking creativity, open-ended play, defiance of toy industry age and gender stereotypes, and unique organic building forms, ZoLo quickly developed a loyal following. It has won several awards including the Accent on Design Best New Product in the NY International Giftshow. More than 20 years later, ZoLo has since been recognized by the Toy Industry of America in their Commemorative Book, 100 Years of the Power of Play, in which ZoLo is cited for its influence in the world of play along with some of the most well-known and beloved toys of our time.

Descriptions & Requirements:

  1. Our client would like us to duplicate a Chinese website.

(https://www.zolochina.com/index.php) according to their English one(https://zolo.com/index.php ),and of course, with some modifications to adapt to Chinese market and consumers. They want the website to be more visually friendly for Chinese users while keeping it original appealing style to kids and their parents.

1. They were in need of a professional team who could help them both in web developing and Chinese translation field in limited time but with high quality, and they needed us not only to localize their website into Chinese but also get their promotion materials done, like catalogs , brochures into perfect simplified Chinese language. 2. After all these done, they are satisfied with our work and have an additional request of designing a magazine with the subject of parent and medical for their co-operation hospital.


For the web develop:

CCJK assigned several most professional web designers and programmers for the website redesign. They have created a Chinese website specific to the client’s requirement. The engineers have made the revision accordingly until the client feels totally satisfied. After the Chinese translation, they have helped to modify all the English web pages, texts and images into Chinese ones.

For the translation:

To assure of the highest translation quality, we have assigned the best and most skilled translators for mandarin translation in our office. Just as we promised thio our clients, to ensure top quality, we have assigned not only one translator, but at least 3 translators for the translation. We translate from scratch by a linguist, then pass the translated documents to another editor for reviewing, and finally to a 3rd proofreader for polishing the translation and to eliminate any errors.

For the layout of catalogs or brochures:

After the translation being done, two of our DTP (Desktop Publishing) engineers started their work for layout. As to the brochure, because the client provided us with the brochure in the original format of indesign from which it created. So it made their work more efficient to go on. After their hard-work, we have successful localized all the materials in simplified Chinese with exactly the same look as the original English ones.

For the design of the magazine:

Designer Kevin is in charge of this work, who is one of the most creative and experienced graphic designers in our office. He has designed a 36-page-magezine with lively and simple appearance which is exactly the style our client loves.

About CCJK:

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