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Mercure Natal offered the Chinese translation and the original English brochure in PDF format. Our working goal is to deliver the Chinese all brochure to the client.

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About the project:
The client has 44 pages of double A4 size hotel instruction brochures that need to be typeset and layout by applying Adobe Illustrator CS6. Mercure Natal offered the Chinese translation and the original English brochure in PDF format. Our working goal is: To deliver the Chinese AI brochure to the client, and the layout and typesetting should be consistent with the English version.

Our Solution:
1. Before starting the project, our DTP engineer carefully read the client’s instructions and ensured that we have got all necessary information for DTP. The necessary files including fonts, graphics.

2. The client instructed us to follow the correct Chinese line breaks. Do not path and separate the Chinese text. All of Hotel name in Pictures should be kept in English.

3. Our specialist DTP teams are highly experienced professionals who are familiar with every detail of DTP and the DTP process as a whole. They followed the client’s instructions to detail and reported all queries to the client timely. Thus all things could be fixed before the timeline.

4. When the typeset job is finished, Our DTP engineer output a low resolution PDF and print out for layout checking. Our DTP QA check specialist checked if the layout and format (including line breaks, page size, fonts, pictures and type pages setup and more) are consistent with the English brochure.

About client:
Mercure Natal is a hotel room investment opportunity by Ritz Property. Ritz Property is an international Real Estate development and investment company established in 2005. The hotel was constructed by G5 Ventures. Now the operator of Mercure Natal is Accor, one of the world’s leading hotel operators and market leader in Europe. Mercure Natal is a 20-storey 4*. The hotel situated on the last remaining plot in the heart of Ponta Negra’s busy hotel district. The hotel is made up of 252 hotel rooms offering 4 different suites. Mercure Natal offers investors the chance to own or part own a hotel room in the burgeoning economy of Brazil in return for significant returns over an assured 20 year period.

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