German Document translation services

Every business requires to utilize translation services to enter new markets and to attract the eye of consumers. CCJK is a professional platform providing accurate professional german translation services for all industrial domains. Documents are held in high regard because of the confidential information they contain. 

A premium document translation can dissolve the queries for businesses, to better help them understand the language and consumer behavior as well. German document translation services will help you to enter the German business in any required field. Get a free quote now and share your project details with us. 

German Technical Translation Services

Technical translation requires a high level of precision which helps to distinguish the technical content in a professional manner. Technical translation is already notorious for the complexity of sentence structures. Therefore, CCJK is a reliable resource with a pool of professional translators working hard to provide quality content in the target language. 

Let it be operation manuals, a patent or anything else, our clients are more than satisfied with our technical translation services. Fast turnaround time with equitable translated content is what you need to move forward with your business. Never take chances with the translation, so join your hands with us now.

German Medical Translation Services

Medical and healthcare industry is all about inventing new vaccines, conducting researches, etc. and sharing the information with the rest of the world. Is it enough to share critical lifesaving information only in a single language? Absolutely not, that’s why CCJK brings forth its medical translation services to play its role in a humane way possible. 

Our medical translation services are accurate and reliable, thanks to our German medical translators. Medical and healthcare industry is always in urgent need of providing information from one domain to another, so we focus on delivering the project in a fast turnaround time. With absolute focus, we provide flawless medical translation services. 

German Website Translation Services

When do you realize you are in need of a website translation? The translation is a dire challenge that most companies are not able to deliver properly, and even if they do, it takes a longer time than initial expectations. If you need german translation services for business, we have got you covered!

CCJK, in-houses a web of translators who have successfully completed website translation projects and are more than eligible to translate your website in multi-languages. We understand the importance of translating a website and how it can help you boost your services to the consumer, therefore, we focus on translating a website on a serious note. Being a reputable and reliable translation source, we assure a flawless translation for your website in a fast turnaround time.  

Let the experts handle it

With the most talented team of translators, CCJK let its expert translators work on translating all types of documents from German to English or from English to German or any of the distinct language pairs. Our professional translators are confident in their German skills at your beck and call.

Thinking of doing something unique for a change? Or even considering entering a foreign market with a possibility of greater return on investments? German may not be our mother tongue, but our team of experts accurately translates the information regardless of the industry niche, and we provide the best professional German translation services.

We are here to help you out! Never underestimate the power of a good translation service.


CCJK comes with an expert team of German translators known for its proficiency. They have extensive experience in a range of business industries.
Regularly, our experts translate 2500-3000 words per day, but completion of the project is variable to the length of the project and the nature of the content. For details, you can contact us here.
CCJK follows the hiring procedure with great precaution. Our service is certified with ISO 9001:2008 to ensure translation quality. Proofreading is an added measure to ensure quality translation.
All document formats are acceptable. There’s no prior need to change the document format.
Based on language, nature of content and industry niche, the project's cost may vary. Also, the length of a project determines the cost. All translation charges are calculated on a per word basis with the rate being determined by the language. For further information, you can contact our sales team.

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