The delivery of Chinese translations of “CenterBrain Thinking” must reach the top quality and get ready for publishing. The text in this book should also be easy to understand by Chinese audience.

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About CenterBrain:
CenterBrain Partners was formed in 1991. With the creative leadership of its president, the company pioneered a number of approaches designed to consult the consumer to stimulate and shape creative positioning. These approaches have been formalized as part of the many products CenterBrain Partners offers today. The products are all designed to accomplish two objectives: Drive top line growth and get to market faster. Since 1991 the CenterBrain Process has created positioning for over 170 brands, products or services, yielding over $4 billion in incremental top line revenue for Fortune 100 brands and smaller, family-owned entrepreneurial organizations.

In 2009, the leader of Center Brain has published a book named “CenterBrain Thinking”. It is a practical guide to creatively positioning company’s brand, product or service. In order to share the successful experience with Chinese enterprises, the leader want to teach and consult in Guangzhou with this book. But he was uncertain whether the book should be translated into Cantonese firstly and Mandarin soon later. Thus our client would appreciate a expertise in this area. Moreover, the delivery of Chinese translations of “CenterBrain Thinking” must reach the top quality and get ready for publishing. The text in this book should also be easy to understand by Chinese audience.

CCJK Solutions for CenterBrain:
CCJK offered professional suggestions to the client. The best choice is to translate the book in Mandarin only. With the popularity of Mandarin, even the native-born citizen in Guangzhou can read, write and communicate with people in Mandarin freely. There are also a huge amount of people who came from all over China work and live in Guangzhou city; Mandarin is widely used here. Moreover most written and officially materials were published in Mandarin, not Cantonese. 1. The original book is in PDF format. The format and style of the translated file should comply with the original English book. Our working process is like the following:

2. Prepare the word file for translation, PM check the translatable files to ensure the completeness;

3. Professional translator do the Chinese translations in TM environment, keeping the high standard of translation quality, maintaining consistency for the whole set of translations.

4. Third-Party reviewer emphasis on correct use of technical vocabulary, consistent style and readability of whole document, maintenance of glossary throughout the entire project.

5. DTP specialists localize the source graphics and keep the layout, font style; colors meet the publishing requirements.

6. Linguistic lead verifies linguistic quality in context, highlights changes in layout files.

7. DTP operator implements linguistic QA changes, verifies layout quality and creates fully paginated PDF for DTP QA.

8. DTP lead checks layout quality in PDF format and annotates any issues.

9. DTP operator implements any DTP changes.

10. Final review the whole set of translations before delivery.

I really like the book and the way it looks. You and your team did an excellent job. I appreciated your patience and your team’s diligence.

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About CCJK:
With 12 yeas growth and development, CCJK provides a wide range of Localization/Translation and Graphic/Web Design services to help organizations expand their businesses internationally into every corner of the world. With a dedicated team of highly qualified and disciplined professionals who are equipped with cutting-edge techniques, our mission is to arrange and optimize adequate resources to deliver the best quality in the most reasonable lead time. We cherish quality as much as efficiency and never sacrifice these values by accepting unrealistic projects or deadlines. Quality and customer satisfaction are our main priorities! If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Chelsea at [email protected]

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