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The client sent the written script with the total 842 words for recording. But the script has slight changes which is a little bit different from the shot video.

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About the project:
We got a 5 minutes and 17 seconds video to narrate. The video was the introduction of an electronics supplier in the lift industry, quite pacey and talks about great customer service and technology. The voice artist must have an English accent and good diction. This voiceover project has to be completed within 7 days. The client sent the written script with the total 842 words for recording. But the script has slight changes which is a little bit different from the shot video.

Our Solution:
1. Before starting the recording project, we have collected some high quality without post editing English VO samples for our client.

2. The client selected his favorite voice among the samples. And we allocated the job to the pointed voice artist.

3. The voice artist who worked remotely in her own studio.

4. When processing of this voiceover project, the client said that the recorded VO should keep the same length with the original video. But the finished audio is longer than the original video. We have gone through the audio, against the script and the video. Our artist speaking pace is actually faster than the male voice over…. but there is over 20 seconds more audio due to the script additions.

5. We reported this question and send the recorded VO to our client, and the client reflected that the voice is quite good but they have crammed in too many words in the script. In order to meet our client satisfactions, we straightened up the edits and kept a natural, unhurried sound. The final audio runs over the timeframe of the video by 22 seconds.

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About Client:
Lester Controls was established in 1986. John Beresford and Stuart Davidson have grown Lester Controls into being the UK’s largest independent lift control panel manufacturer. Lester Controls have been providing reliable well-built lift controllers and ancillary equipment to a broad spectrum of new lift manufacturers, installers and modernisation specialists both in the UK and across the world. Lester Controls operates from two UK locations, their head office and assembly plant in Croydon Surrey and our Electronics Division with its Research and Development facility located in Lutterworth Leicestershire.

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