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JW Magazine Translation

The client has a company seasonal magazine which is created by InDesign CS6 that should be translated and localized into simplified Chinese, Spanish, Russian, French, Korean, Thai and Japanese.

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JW Magazine Translations
The client has a company seasonal magazine, and they wanted it to be translated and localized into simplified Chinese, Spanish, Russian, French, Korean, Thai, and Japanese.
About Client
It is a trade magazine aimed at the jewellery industry. It covers trends, news, and developments for jewellers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and salespeople.
About the Project:
JW Magazine has partnered with a translation service provider to expand its reach to new audiences. The project involved the translation of existing magazine content into simplified Chinese, Spanish, Russian, French, Korean, Thai, and Japanese. This initiative aimed to deliver high-quality, culture- appropriate translations that resonated with target markets in each language. After the translation, it also needs to do DTP using InDesign and make sure the format of the final versions is similar to the source one.
CCJK Solution:
  • Our project manager prepared and analyzed the source material and extracted translatable tags/units. We import the InDesign files in .idml or .inx format to Trados studio 2011 for French language translation, and let the qualified translators do the actual translation in the TM environment, ensuring the works conveyed are linguistically accurate and consistent with the author’s original concept.
  • We assembled a team of native-speaking translators with experience in the jewelry industry to deliver accurate and culturally appropriate translations for each target language (Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Russian, French, Korean, Thai, and Japanese). We maintained a consistent brand voice and terminology throughout all translated materials that reflects the style and tone of JW Magazine's original content.
  • Rigorous quality assurance processes ensured the accuracy, fluency, and readability of all translated content. It included multiple rounds of editing and proofreading by linguists and subject-matter experts. We delivered the translated materials within the agreed-upon timeframe and ensured a smooth launch of JW Magazine's multilingual editions.
  • Our in-house DTP specialists ensured a seamless transition of the magazine's layout and design for each translated version. It included adjusting text formatting, image placement, and font styles to accommodate the specific requirements of each language and cultural context.
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