Finn Franchise Brokers Brochure DTP

Client have already had the Chinese mandarin translation in word doc format and in need of a designer to make the Chinese version starting from the English version.

About  our client: Finn Franchise Brokers:
Finn Franchise Brokers was first established in 2004 (under the name Finn Franchising), they are widely considered Australia’s most experienced experts in franchise buying and selling. As the number one seller of franchises in Australia, they have established a strong presence in the franchising sector and hold relationships with the leading franchise brands and communicate daily with buyers, franchisees and financial institutions.

They have a company marketing brochure in English. The document layout is made with In-design. They have already had the Chinese mandarin translation in word doc format and in need of a designer to make the Chinese version starting from the English version.

To sum up :
– They gave a 4 pages native indesign file + pictures + English fonts + word doc with Chinese translation

– They wanted the native indesign file with Chinese texts + PDF high def ready for printing

-Moreover, they expected it was done within limited time but with high quality.

For the layout of catalogs or brochures:

After the translation being done, two of our DTP (Desktop Publishing) engineers started their work for layout. As to the brochure, because the client provided us with the brochure in the original format of indd, in which it was created. So it made their work more efficient to go on.

During the process, client found some contents they used in it are not quite suitable for West European audience, so they asked us remove or change them and do some modification of the layout as well.

After their hard-work, we have successful duplicated the material into Mandarin versions specific to our client needs.

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