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The client has specific requirement for the format, there’s no need to translate the column in grey only the text in the right column.

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About the project:
The Client has a Clinical trial which is conducted to collect data regarding the safety and efficacy of a new drug and device development. Volunteers received investigational treatments. These treatments are developed by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies who also select qualified physicians (investigators) in HongKong to conduct clinical trials to determine the benefits of investigational drugs. We need to translate the this Clinical Trial from English into Hongkong Chinese and the translated text should keep as closely to original wording as possible.

1. The Client’s copywriters choose wording very carefully, all materials have been IRB approved.

2. Messaging and language should resonate with proper country / region; all company names mentioned in this Clinical trial must keep in English.

3. Language and tone should respect the existing communication structure of each country/region.

4. Trados 2007 is a must for this project. Do not use Tageditor for this Clinical Trial translation project. To translate directly on the Msword files is a must.

5. The client has specific requirement for the format, there’s no need to translate the column in grey only the text in the right column. The native translator should make sure that he/she did not translate the Left column before delivery; the left column has been already protected with Style TwinExternal.

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Our Solution:
1. Before starting this project, we have carefully studied the client’s instructions and Cultural Adaptation Presentation. Our native HongKong Chinese translator who has strong medical expertise, especially for the knowledge of Hepatocellular carcinoma, also did an internal research for the background of this medical research and assessment.

2. During translation, our translator used Trados 2007 for this project and respected the client’s translation tone and style. And he listed some uncertain terms for the new drug in this Clinical Trial in the query log for client’s further explanation and confirmation.

3. Since quality is absolutely critical to the client, CCJK arranged an independent medical Hongkong Chinese translator to verify the translation quality and correct some technical translation errors if necessary, and make sure the translation in conformity with all the instructions.

4. CCJK as a serious company, who always keep our promise to our esteemed client. We delivered a translation version by one person and reviewed version by another translator in unclean and clean word format to our client. (According to ISO policy, the client requires two versions.)

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