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The client required that the English translation must comply with its own translation style guide. This project required the translators and proofreaders who have better understanding.

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About the project:
UFIDA needed to localize its software products to reach new English-speaking audiences in order to further expand its global market scale and share. The client required that the English translation must comply with its own translation style guide. Translation should be consistent with the previous online help and manual translations which included in the offered glossary file. This project required the translators and proofreaders who have better understanding of accounting and financial terminology.

The service included:
Software Localization

Our solutions:
CCJK had strict workflow to perform software user translation project to assure top quality and translation consistency. We dedicated to offer turkey-solutions to the client.

CCJK project manager managed all phases of the entire project, from planning and scheduling through quality assurance and returning the translated material back to the client on time.

CCJK selected qualified Chinese translators who have years of translation experience in accounting and financial field. The translators not only specialized in Chinese but also fluent in English—this expertise ensures that both the linguistic and technical aspects of our translations are of excellence. The translators carefully studied the client’s translation style guide before working. During the translation, they applied Translation memory tools Trados and ezfind tool which offered by the client to search terms to ensure translation terminology consistency, both internally and with previous client material.

Third party proofreading:
CCJK assigned an independent proofreader who is English native speaker with specific accounting and financial expertise to review the translation to ensure quality and accuracy. Emphasized on correct use of technical vocabulary, consistent style and readability of whole document, maintenance of glossary throughout the entire project.

Post editing:
CCJK senior editor checked of layout and style guide, which comply with client requirements regarding typesetting, tiny mistakes of the final file, etc

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About the Client:
UFIDA Software established in 1988, Beijing. It is one of the leading providers of management software solutions and services in China and other Asian countries. The company offers a wide range of management software products for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resources (HR), Business Intelligence (BI) and Office Automation (OA). It also develops vertical industry solutions for e-Government, finance and asset management.

About CCJK:
With 12 yeas growth and development, CCJK provides a wide range of Localization/Translation and Graphic/Web Design services to help organizations expand their businesses internationally into every corner of the world. With a dedicated team of highly qualified and disciplined professionals who are equipped with cutting -edge techniques, our mission is to arrange and optimize adequate resources to deliver the best quality in the most reasonable lead time. We cherish quality as much as efficiency and never sacrifice these values by accepting unrealistic projects or deadlines. Quality and customer satisfaction are our main priorities.

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