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The client needs our team to do Arabic, German, Russian desktop publishing for Hilton hotel resorts brochure. Client requires the fonts: Arabic Tanseek , Russian Whitney, German Whitney.

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About the project:
An exquisite brochure always be able to catch the customer’s eye at the first sight. The client needs our team to do Arabic to German translation and Russian desktop publishing for Hilton hotel resorts brochure. The original engineering file is in INDD format. For this project, client requires the following fonts: Arabic –Tanseek , Russian – Whitney, German – Whitney.

Our Solution:
1) The client provided the Arabic, German and Russian translation, along with whitney fonts for us to do the DTP work. In regards to the Arabic font, the client is adamant that they want to use the specified font and we were advised that to purchase the required fonts and invoice the client. In order to save the client’s cost, we have checked the font issues with all our cooperated Arabic DTP specialists, finally we have found the right person who have the specific font and made a DTP sample with Tanseek font for client’s confirmation.

2) On each page under the English brochure copy, the client has used 'Lorem ipsum' in place of where the translation should go – that means the DTP specialist should put the provided translations in the appointed place. Therefore the hotel brochure has 3 versions in total- one with English to Arabic translation, one with English + German and one with English + Russian. In order to make everything in a proper way, our serious PM has marked the comments in the original PDF file and wrote know-how for the DTP worker.

3) During DTP work, we found the Arabic translations are incomplete and spoken to the client about the Arabic translation issues – they said that for the bits where they have not provided the translation (such as in this particular example), please just leave it blank. We followed the client’s instructions and prepared to put the missing translations into the file when it was ready.

About client:
Hilton Hotels & Resorts formerly known as Hilton Hotels, it is an international hotel places marketing emphasis on both business travel and leisure travel with locations in major city centers, near airports, convention centers, and a number of vacation resorts and leisure-oriented hotels in popular vacation destinations around the world. Hilton Hotels & Resorts was founded by Conrad Hilton and is now owned by Hilton Worldwide. Hilton hotels are either owned by, managed by, or franchised to independent operators by Hilton Worldwide. Hilton Hotels became the first coast-to-coast hotel chain of the United States in 1943. As of 2010, there are now over 540 Hilton branded hotels across the world in 78 countries across six continents. Hilton provides an authentic and contemporary experience for guests worldwide. The guest rooms feature a smart, functional design plus thoughtful amenities.

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