Schramm has its existing English site developed with WordPress. They wanted to translate all English content into Mandarin including the web site buttons.

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Schramm, Inc. is a century-old Chester County, Pennsylvania manufacturer and global supplier to the hydraulic drill industry, focusing on land based applications. Specializing in mobile, top-head hydraulic rotary drilling rigs, Schramm supply to companies in the mining, energy, geothermal and water sectors worldwide. Over 75 percent of the company’s revenues come from export sales, with global reach including major market positions in China, Chile, Brazil, Australia, Russia and South Africa. More details about Schramm could be found in

Schramm has its existing English site developed with WordPress. They wanted to translate all English content into Mandarin including the web site buttons. Same format and layout, just overlay the text. The client’s intent is to have a button on the English language home page that when selected switches the entire site over to Mandarin. Schramm wanted to have both sites in separate data file areas to keep them at arm’s length. Besides localization to Mandarin, Schramm also needs Chinese web search engine key word optimization to match what they have in place with their current English and Spanish sites. In other words, the client wanted more than a Mandarin website that looks good, but also heavy activity to drive traffic to the Mandarin site thus generating enquiries and orders in the Mandarin speaking market.

CCJK assigned a dedicated team of translators, designer, and SEO engineers to provide on stop solution to meet the client’s challenges.

CCJK collaborated with Schramm and established not only a solid localization process to carry out the translation and localization activity in WordPress, but also a SEO plan to improve the search engine traffic and keyword traffic.

To localize the client’s English site in WordPress, the following process was set up to maximize efficiency while minimizing cost:

WordPress Localization Process:
1. The IT Department at Schramm set up the “mirror” site and put all original English content on the mandarin site

2. Schramm provides CCJK with a user name and password to access the site

3. CCJK extracts all localizable items in a Word document and translates and edits the content in a Translation Memory (TM) environment, creates and maintains three valuable translation assets for client: glossary, TM and style guide.

4. CCJK engineer places the translated text into wordpress and localize those forms and addon items in WordPress.

5. CCJK designer localize those English images and banners and replace them with Mandarin ones.

6. CCJK tests to make sure both linguistic and functional issues work well.

7. Schramm distributors review the layout and text to make sure it reads similar to the English site

8. Schramm launches

The result of successful operation of the above process is the fully localized Mandarin version:
To address the client’s need in SEO for better activity on the localized Mandarin site, the following SEO Action Plan was established:

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SEO Action Plan:
Based on the Google analysis results, CCJK’s SEO engineers proposed an initial action plan targeting at improving the current performance in regard to site traffic and keywords.

< Install a plug-in “All in one SEO pack” in WordPress for both English and Chinese sites. So as we can add keywords and description in every page and post.
1. Carry out keywords research on page basis and finalize the keywords for both English site (using Google’s Search-Based Keyword Tool ) and Mandarin site (using Baidu Index Tool).

2. Add keywords and description that matches with the content of each single page.

3. Install Sitemap add-on in WordPress which facilitates the spiders catching more content for better indexing results.

4. Extensive link building to both sites in order to improve the indexing and traffic driven by the search engines.

5. Ongoing link building focusing on industry directories and link exchanges. As part of the link exchanges, we encourage client’s all branches and dealers to add Schramm sites in their standalone websites.

6. Advertorial articles submission – to publish advertorial articles based on the content of the website onto various Internet platforms.

7. Improve keyword ranking. To generate traffic in high quality, we have to drive the organic ranking of the relative keywords. Hot keywords need significant time to get results.

8. Google Analytics. Come up more targeted scheme by monitoring the performance data from Google Analytics.

By assembling an efficient team consisting of linguists, designer and engineer working on solid and proven process, in less than one month CCJK has successfully launched Schramm’s Mandarin site in WordPress which requires strong technical support and high quality standard.

The traffic driven to Mandarin’s Mandarin site grew 120% in less than one month.

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