Cooking Food Translation Italian To Simplified Chinese

The project is about cooking food material, Italian to Simplified Chinese translation, the client gives us a very comfortable delivery.

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About the project:
This project is about cooking food material, Italian to Simplified Chinese translation, the client gives us a very comfortable delivery considering the project volume.

Project type: Translation
Layout: bilingual format, that is, put the translation under the original, per each paragraph.

CCJK Solution:
This project is relatively big after analyzing, there are around 26771 words in 27 files( 2 folders), the deadline is also very comfortable, the only one problem is budget—without any profit( after the deduction from the cost), even if in such situation, according to CCJK policy, we must think of a way to meet the requirements of client, as 100% client satisfaction is our highest priority.

In order to guarantee the quality is acceptable, without grammar and type mistakes. CCJK performs this translation based on following process to assure of top quality:

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1) Initial Translation: Assign jobs to our native translators, during this stage, we ask them to list any questions they have for answers.

2) Independent Review: Assign the initially translated files to an independent reviewer for editing and proofreading, she will complete the QA Report, it’s an automatically assessing system, clients and CCJK will judge intuitively if the job is qualified.

3) Q & A: We collect and filter all questions and send to clients, then feedback our Italian translators with the answered queries, perform a final proofreading to the translation to assure everything is OK.

4) Final PM reviewing: when we modify all questions, our professional project manager will do final reviewing of whole content, to guarantee no grammar and type mistakes.

For client reading convenience, the final product is done in bilingual format, the client is very satisfied with our job and they highly appreciate our efforts.

From the beginning to the end, we spent a lot of time and energy on this project, we are pleased to say that our purpose is not to earn much money from this project, the client’s trust is more important than anything else. We are the first consideration when they have translation projects.

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