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The client wanted its English brochure to be fully localized into Chinese-simplified and 1,000 copies printed out.

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About Tecsis:
Tecsis is a leading European manufacturer of measuring and sensor technology products with a history of more than 90 years. Its main products include force measurement, pressure measurement, temperature measurement and pressure switches, etc. More details about Tecsis could be found at www.tecsis.de.

The client wanted its brochure to be fully localized from English into Chinese-simplified and 1,000 copies printed out. The source file was in InDesign format and all pictures were requested to be localized as well. There were plenty of technical terms that needed translating and many images required for the printing process were missing in the source file.

ICTLIZ Approaches:
A team comprising elite linguists, graphic designers and DTP specialists was assigned to the project. For a seamless translation of the technical terms, the team kept in contact with the Tecsis technicians at the starting stage; for the missing pictures, the team went through all the PDF deliverables of previous projects with Tecsis.

The DTP specialists first analyzed the source file, gathered the pictures and created the .INX files for further conversion into the .TTX format, which could be processed with the Trados software by the translators. All tags were managed to be kept perfectly during this process. The translated .TTX file in bilingual format was then reviewed by a second linguist in case of mistranslation and grammatical or spelling errors. Subsequently, the DTP specialist combined the localized images and text together and printed the PDF file for proofreading.

Before printing the hard copies, a scrupulous checkup of the final deliverable had to be made, and only after the client review did we give a go to the printing house, so that unnecessary printing cost could be avoided.

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The client received the desired Chinese version of Tecsis brochures and managed to crack the Chinese market with the least effort shed.

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