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The client only provided Original English video to us. We have to transcribe and translate the English texts firstly, and then start the voiceover.

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About the project:

The client would like to have a male Cantonese voiceover artist to record 2 educational videos in medical treatment field. The videos are last for 2 minutes. The client only provided Original English video to us. We have to transcribe and translate the English texts firstly, and then start the voiceover.


1. The brand name and Slogan should be read in pure English accent. Any dialects would not be accepted.

2. The turnaround time is 2 working day.

3. The final VO file should be in WAV format.

4. The voice tone should be gentle, informative and instructional. No Advertising tone!

5. The VO must be synchronized to the original video.

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Our Solution:

1. Firstly our VO expert transcribed the two videos and prepared English scripts for our translators. The expert double checked the script and make sure that everything is all right and in accordance with the original English video.

2. To ensure the accuracy of the translation, CCJK selected native Cantonese translator who has medical master degree to take up the translations. After the translation gets done, we assigned another native translator to review the file thoroughly. We added an independent review for the translated texts.

3. CCJK are equipped with professional recording and studio devices. Before starting the voice over recording, we have carefully prepared three male voiceover samples for client. Finally the client selected a gentle voice for this project. We paid great attention to the pronunciation of the English brand name and slogan. After the recording get done, our VO expert edited the file carefully and the Chinese video is perfectly synchronized to the original video.

Client Feedback:

Good quality work! We are looking forward to work with CCJK in the future.

About Client:

Following successful animal trials started in the 1970’s by a group of young scientists at the National Medical University, in 1985, EmCell founders started working with fetal stem cells and later applying them in clinical practice. In 1987, stem cells were applied by EmCell founders, for the first time, for treatment of cytostatic myelodepression and aplastic anemia in the National Medical University of Ukraine.

For over 20 years, Emcell has performed more than 8,000 transplantations of fetal stem cells to people from many countries, such as the USA, China, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, etc. Their stem cell treatments helped to prolong life and improve life quality to thousands of patients including those suffering from the incurable diseases who lost any hope for recovery. Today, EmCell consists of a Clinical Department and a laboratory complex operating in its own 1,200 sq m renovated building with 8 VIP rooms offering patients comfort and hospitality.

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