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The video game industry is undeniably lucrative, with exponential growth each year. Video game developers and publishers realize a dire need to enter new markets. However, tapping into foreign markets comes with a lot of challenges, including linguistic and cultural barriers. CCJK helps you lift those barriers by delivering specialized gaming translation services in 230+ languages. Our seasoned video game translators provide you premium quality translation with speed and accuracy. 

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Get Quality Translation for All Video Game Genres

We provide premium gaming translation services tailored for all game genres. With an extensive experience of more than 2 decades, CCJK is trusted by global companies to localize their video games for foreign markets. We have a team of linguists specialized in game translations, who are well versed in industrial terminologies and can create a great user experience for your diverse player base from different regions. We cover all game genres and create a great user experience for global players.

  • Action Games
  • Shooting Games
  • Adventure Games
  • Sports Games
  • Simulation Games
  • Role Playing Games
  • VR Games
  • Racing Games

Comprehensive Game Translations at Your Disposal

We understand the diverse game translation needs of developers and publishers and offer translations for a wide range of documents and materials used in the translation industry. Contact us to get video game translation services for all types of game documentations and user facing game content.

  • Game Brochures 
  • Promotional Material
  • Game Controls and GUIs
  • Newsletters 
  • Service Descriptions 
  • Game Subtitles 
  • Product Description
  • Player’s Instructions
Build a Global Player Base with Multilingual Games

Our Proven Gaming Translation Workflow

Research & Planning


Our expert linguists manually review your translation documents and instructions and do thorough research on your target audience to set the translation tone and style from the beginning.


Resource Allocation & Translation


Based on your translation needs, we’ll assign a dedicated video game translator and allocate the required tools to your project. The translator makes sure that every line, phrase, and graphic element is translated on its merit.


QA Testing


Our professional editors meticulously proofread translational content to confirm accurate, easy to understand, and resonating translations. We also use some automated QA testing tools to keep the QA process swift.


Final Delivery


Once the translation is done and approved by expert linguists, we do formatting and other style adjustments as per the client’s instructions. The finalized translations are ready to be delivered.


Tailored Video Game Translations for Every Client

As a premier video game translation company, we believe every video game company should be able to operate on a global scale. We help our clients get an edge over competitors with fully customized video game translations. You need experts on your side who can get across the complex and ever-evolving terminologies in the gaming world. Our video game language translators at CCJK possess a deep understanding of game jargon that allows them to capture the essence of your original content and translate it into other languages without compromising its authenticity.

Localize Your Game To Reach Global Player Base

Translate Your Video Game With CCJK!

Get linguistically accurate and culturally resonating game translations at the best prices from your reliable video game translation company.

30,000+ Native translators

Our extensive network of certified translators is dedicated to provide translations tailored for your specific needs. Here you will get precise, error-free and culturally appropriate translations.

Quick Turnaround

We have established streamlined translation management processes to deliver translations on scheduled time that meet our clients’ expectations. You can rely on our expert team even for translation projects with tight deadlines.

ISO Certified

We are an ISO certified agency with internationally recognized quality assurance protocols. With our stringent QA testing, we are able to meet the highest industry benchmarks and standards of quality.

230+ Languages

CCJK is your go-to video game translation agency with wide-ranging linguistic capabilities to cater to the diverse needs of global clients. Get best-in-class translation services to and from over 800+ major language pairs.

Get Your Game Translation Into Diverse Languages

Working across all the popular languages in the world, we’re the gaming translation company you can trust to make your games globally accessible.

Translate Your Game With Expert Precision

Meet Our Professional Linguists

Clay Baker

Clay brings 8 years of experience in translating games. Being a passionate gamer at heart, he is well-versed in the gaming jargon and provides accurate translations that resonate with your target players.

Jessica Standall

Jessica has been translating games for more than 7 years now. She adapts games according to the needs of your target audience, making your game a successful one.

Amanda Walker

Amanda is a seasoned game translator with a decade long experience. She not only knows the gaming terminology but also works on the technical aspects of your games, giving your audience a complete and immersive experience.

Harvey Scott

Harvey has 11 years of experience under his belt. He leverages his vast experience to effectively translate game narratives across languages, helping the clients attract a wider audience.

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frequently asked questions


At CCJK, we handle all updates and new translations for our existing clients on priority. From continuous linguistic review and functional game testing to cultural validations, we ensure the consistency and relevance of your translations. Clients can contact us anytime to get assistance with their ongoing game translation tweaks and updates.

No, here we offer specialized human translations for different industries, languages and types of content. No machine translation tools are used throughout the process.

To avoid data breaches and information misuse, we have signed a non-disclosure agreement with our translators, partners and other stakeholders. We have established secure communication channels with encrypted file sharing platforms to prevent unauthorized access to your game content. Moreover, we adhere to strict data security protocols and privacy policies to maintain your sensitive information’s confidentiality.

Yes, we provide fully tailored video game translations to meet the unique translation needs of each client. Considering each client’s translation budget constraints, target languages, audience and game genres, we design personalized translation packages to accommodate their project requirements.

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