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The client requested free test translation for a large potential project from English to Simplified Chinese for about 100,000 words. Source file was MS Word.

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One of our client requested free test translation for a large potential project from English to Simplified Chinese translation for about 100,000 words. Source file was MS Word. Delivery formats were clean and unclean files. CAT Tool should be Trados. Delivery time was two business days. Translation with high quality was the most important requirement from client.

Our solution:
1. Account Manager applied to offer two different versions for the test according to client’s high quality requirement.

2. Resource Manager Chose two different test translation teams (translators who were most suitable and with profound industry knowledge, senior editors who were familiar with the industry and senior proofreaders) according to the contents.

3. Project Manager assigned the test translation to related translators chose by Resource Manager.

4. After receiving translated file, Project Manager handled QA with QA tools and then sent the file to editors.

5. File after editing was sent to proofreader.

6. File after proofreading with tracking was sent to the first translator to confirm.

7. Project Manager handled QA for format editing, number, punctuations etc again.

8. Account Manager checked all the things before delivery and then delivered OK files to client.

Reply from client:
After reviewing the translation your company did, we think it fulfills our requirement.

As for the two versions you sent over, it is hard to say which one is better. If I have to choose, I would say I prefer the structure of version 2.

The importance of test translation:
When clients want to find a new linguistic vendor with high quality, they will request to try test translation first. For project with large volume, choosing the most suitable translators via test translation is also necessary.

There are more opportunities for freelancers and translation agencies who can offer free test translation. How to create test translation with high quality is always the pursuit of translation vendor.

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There is no best translation in the world but we can offer client’s favorite style. Offering test translation more than one style is a good choice. The rate of to be a formal vendor is higher by doing this. Usually, translation vendor will assign the translation test to different translators, editors and proofreaders and deliver two or more translated file with different style to client. Client then can choose the better one they like.

Delivery time:
The delivery of test translation is the first impression. So delivery on time is very important. Any problems should also be communicated with client during the proceeding.

Who will be the final vendor is determined by the quality of test translation. A completed procedure is very helpful for test translation with high quality. CCJK is always on the way to pursuit of excellence for both test and formal translation.

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