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The client require a translator to take an English app title, description & keywords and translate it into simplified Chinese.

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About the project:
The client is a mobile phone app developer. They require a translator to take an English app title, description & keywords and translate English App into simplified Chinese. The client send us an excel file with all of the texts that need to be translated and they also list the instructions, and characters limitation.

Our Solution:
1. CCJK carefully studied the texts of the APP and the instructions within the excel file, and then selected the linguists with the related experience to deal with the translation.

2. As there is a requirement that the Chinese translations cannot exceed 160 characters for each line, so when doing the translation, we should keep it as concise as possible in case that it will go beyond the limitation.

3. After the first around of translation is done, we assigned it to another linguist to edit the translation and make sure there is no errors and check if there is any places that exceed to the characters limitations and do her best to fix this problem. However, there are some places that cannot be translated within the restriction even carefully think of the alterative translation, so we reported to the client.

4. Finally, our project manager have a final checking all set of file and make sure everything is fine before the delivery. And we follow the client’s deadline strictly.

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About the client:
The client build mobile phone app that engage, entertain and inspire. They develop mobile apps that let kids explore lively and interactive digital worlds. There’s no winning, losing, or rules – just a richly designed digital sandbox where kids can craft their own storylines, they provide hours of creative entertainment.

Client Feedback: Prompt – very easy to deal with. They were very attentive to my feedback, will use again for my translation needs without a doubt.

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