Keep Calm & Carry On Windows Phone App Localization

We have received the required text and screenshots of how this app look like, this help a lot when we do localization with accurate words.

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About the project:
Bolser wants to localize/translate their windows phone app into Chinese, we have received the required text and screenshots of how this app look like, this help a lot when we do localization with accurate words.

As being a fundamental support on the mobile application localization services, CCJK has generated an enormous talents pool of at-house and outsourcing software engineers. Chosen through the best, the in-house technical elites have extensive experience of mobile database integration and understand how to structure a project team by selecting the most suitable and competent crew members.

As there are many technologies used for mobile content management for different os’s, the environment of which localization projects is extremely intricate with various technical requirements. To handle that, we’ve gained entry to major mobile platforms’ software developmeng kits, such as the interface builder, development environment, simulators as well as other necessary tools essential to mobile application localizations.

Our Solution to this Project:
For windows phone or iOs app, we will first download this app in our phone to see what the app looks like and get a basic idea of how this app goes. For example, the OK button, there is different translation between iPhone and Windows Phone, we use 「好」for any iOs devices, and 「确定」for windows phone. even this is a very slight different, but it is very necessary to distinct them away. With the help of Microsoft Terminology, we did impressed our client.

After our delivery, client is happy with our service, beside, send us a new traditional localization job for this App.

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About this App:
Keep Calm Creator rewrites the rules for creating dazzling new customised versions of the much-loved propaganda posters. Even though the design is a real classic, now's your chance to give it your own unique twist with your own images, icons and words. So you can chop the crown, rewrite the line and change the background. You could even create your very own customised "Keep Calm and Chive On" poster and set it as your lock screen wallpaper. It's your poster, your rules!

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