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Dezan Shira & Associates wants to translate its document from German to English.. CCJK team made a careful analysis and assigned the project to our relevant translators.

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About the project:
Dezan Shira & Associates wants to translate its document from German to English Translation.. CCJK team made a careful analysis and assigned the project to our relevant translators.

The services including:
  • German to English Translation

Our solution:

For language translation
All translation tasks were finished by native German translators with abundant experience. Furthermore, CCJK ran a strict TEP (Translation, Editing and Proofreading) by 3 different linguists to make sure of top quality. The client enquired about CCJK translation service last year.

But the client and CCJK lost the chance to cooperate with each other at that time. This year, the client was very happy to tell CCJK that they came back to China office and got a file to be translated.

The client assigned the translation task to CCJK without asking CCJK to do any trial test. There were a total of 729 words to be translated. The original file was a PDF file. CCJK converted the PDF to word file.

And then arranged native English translators to translate. Within two working days, CCJK delivered the translation to the client. The client is very impressed by our fast delivery time and good quality.

The client expressed their great thanks to CCJK’s good translation service. The client would definitely come back again if they have more files to be translated in the future.

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Dezan Shira & Associates was originally incorporated in Hong Kong in 1992, and has subsequently grown over the past two decades to support sizable operations in mainland China, India, Vietnam, and Singapore, with a strong affiliate partnership in Russia and Central Asia.

The firm provides services exclusively to foreign direct investors in each of the markets we operate in, allowing us to concentrate and specialize in this important field. We provide pre-incorporation regulatory and tax advice over market entry, business incorporation and tax structuring, contractual advice and drafting, ongoing maintenance issues such as tax, accounting, transactions and compliance, in addition to legal and financial due diligence, mergers and acquisitions and related issues. We are also able to provide cost comparisons, and through our separate subsidiary, payroll and HR management services.Dezan Shira & Associates also produces significant and well received business educational and published material about each of the markets and disciplines we are involved with through our involvement with our subsidiary publishing house and our ongoing .

The firm has won several prestigious international awards for innovation and best practice and currently employs 180 legal, tax, accounting and audit professionals in China, India, Vietnam, Singapore, United States, and Italy, servicing over 2,000 multinational retained clients from some 80 different countries.The practice are members of the a global network of accountants and auditors with an annual corporate turnover in excess of USD2 billion.

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