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Client wanted to localize the French game into Japanese. In order to know more about this game, the translator should play the game before starting the actual translation.

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About the project:

This client designed an innovative and addictive puzzle game for IOS. He wanted to localize the French game into Japanese. The job is including the French translation Service of Game UI and description on the APP store. Before starting the project, the client provided promotional code for us to test the game. As Apple allow to localize the title for App in App Store, the client would like to rely on translator’s professionalism to decide whether in all situations the APP name & Logo need to be translated or not.


1. In order to know more about this game, the translator should play the game before starting the actual translation.

2. The French translator should use the game screenshot as reference during translation.

3. The translation has length limit, we should provide the shortest translation on the basis that the meaning is correct and clear.

4. Pay close attention to the accuracy for the specific terms.

5. The localized language should be formal, instructive.

6. Do not translate nor modify in texts that have the symbol #

7. Do not delete or add spaces to the \n symbol in sentences.

8. After the translation get done, the client is required us to review the translation thoroughly and make sure of all the text are correct in their contexts. He needs our green signal to send app to Apple.


Our Solution:

1. We followed ISO 9001 working procedure. The translator is a native Japanese speaker and game player who has more 5 years of extensive experience in specific games. She speaks French well and passed our rigid quality test.

2. We combined with rigid project management system to ensure quality translation and punctual delivery. Our Senior PM prepared the working file, listed client translation instructions and guidelines in detail, scheduled outlines and reference materials to our translators.

3. After the initial translation gets done, we assigned the second translator who has profound game knowledge to review the translation carefully. In this way, the high quality can be guaranteed.

4. Regarding the APP name, we provided the best option for client.



Great work on an iOS game French translation. Fast and effective.

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