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The client looked for Korean to English translation vendors who can provide them with excellent quality translations.

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The client looked for Korean to English translation vendors who can provide them with excellent quality translations. Most of their clientele are researchers who belong to universities and the documents for translation are mainly academic and research oriented. This requires a high level of native English proficiency as well as subject-area expertise.

The candidate translators must comply with the following qualifications:
• An understanding and knowledge of technical terminology as expressed in Korean as well as in English. Proficiency in Korean and English is an essential skill for this account.

• Minimum 5 years’ experience in Korean to English and English to Korean translation.

• Technical expertise /an advanced degree in any of the following fields: medicine, the life sciences, engineering, and the physical sciences.

• Natural flow and tone of the target languages have to be followed. It means the Paper nature and style must be well preserved in the target language.

• Relevant certification or training, e.g., MA in translation studies is preferred.

• Good time management skills, the project is required to be completed with tight deadlines.

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Our Solution:
This is a stable client who has quite smooth workload across the whole year. Anyhow, the client has quite high-end quality requirement which will need translator and PM to invest more efforts in meeting the client expectation. On selection of the qualified Korean to English translators, our RM identified several candidates that perform a specific test.

The evaluation of the test will not only be based on adequacy to Premium linguistic quality metrics. It will particularly focus on how the very specific terminology and scientific knowledge involved in the research has been conveyed during translation – most importantly, how the translators manage to reconcile this style with the target language particularities and accuracy conventions.

After this process getting done, we strictly performed TEP working process for every paper to ensure the top quality. A quality-sensitive translation company’s work does not finish when the actual translation is delivered.

An interactive amendment based on your feedback guarantees client satisfaction and long term benefits. CCJK endeavors to maintain the highest level of quality for publishing. Take a look at how we helped our client by localizing their project for Korean language. Click here to read the complete case study

About Client:
The Client dedicated to offers specialist medical and academic communications, publication support, and training services to individuals and corporations across the science spectrum such as energy engineering, academia, publishing, and pharmaceuticals, serving more than 43,000 partners across 107 countries.

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