German to Japanese Prinect Integration Manager Localization

The client required us to use both QA Distiller and SnellSpell for checking of the translation issues. QA Distiller can process TTX, XLIFF and TMX files.

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About the project:
The client has a software manual for Prinect Integration Manager that need to be localized from German into Japanese project. There have 40% new words, 30% fuzzy matches and 30% full matches and repetitions. 100% matches are locked by the client, which should be checked after we finished the translation. As reference, the client provided us with TM, glossary, English PDF and translation previous version of the manual. The translator must apply Trados studio 2009 for this project.

1. Spelling and grammatical mistakes are unacceptable. It is essential to perform a final check of Japanese translation before delivery.

2. The client required us to use both QA Distiller and SnellSpell for checking of the German translation issues. QA Distiller can process TTX, XLIFF and TMX files and unites all the essential quality assurance checks in a highly configurable environment.

3. Settings for QA Distiller check is: 1. Use the profile. 2. Check and correct the reported genuine translation errors accordingly. 3. Send the genuine log file (in .xls and .html format) to client along with the deliverables.

4. The tools generated a log file which the client could use for double-check. In this way, the client could make sure that the translators did the right checks after translation and know the translation output is in good quality.

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Our Solution:
1. We selected a seasoned native Japanese translator to take up the project. Since the client is high sensitive with the translation quality, therefore we completed 3000 words of test project for client to do the first QA, after getting the quality approval, the translator continued doing the rest project.

2. The client has their own settings for QA distiller check; we applied the same settings of QAD profiles as the client did. The procedure is given below: Unzipped to our computer (e.g. to My DocumentsQA Distiller) firstly. Then Start QA Distiller and go to File > Setup > General. Finally click the Browse button next to Location of character set files and browse to the charsets folder we unzipped.

3. During QA check, QA Distiller generated a list of possible error messages. We listed the genuine mistakes, discarded false error messages by pressing the space bar or right-clicking the error line. And made a checklist for translator. As soon as we got the correction comments from translator, we double-clicked the error line, and it jumped directly to the error location in TagEditor. After completion of the mistake we marked the error line as fixed by right-clicking the error line twice. It turned to be colored in green.

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