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The client required us to check if the comments he received are totally right. And the original translation is correctly translated.

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About the project:
The client has a brand name of organic tea has already been translated into Chinese by other translator, but he got several comments about the previous translation! Even if the words separately seem to be well translated, the comments are showing that it doesn’t mean anything! Therefore the client required us to check if the comments he received are totally right. And the original translation is correctly translated.

Our linguistic lead has checked the previous translation carefully and found that the translation was in Traditional Chinese. However, the client emphasized that the product is only used for Mainland of China, not Hongkong or Taiwan market. Moreover, the original Chinese translation was a literal translation, not a creative translation for an organic drink. The brand name sounds like an infusion for medical.

In view of our professional comments, the client hoped that we could entitle a brilliant Chinese name for the newly launched organic tea.

Our Solution:
1. Before titling, our account manager and PM did a lot of research for the client’s product. We knew that the brand name of organic tea is originated from a nutritional philosophy in the form of four contemporary drinks with natural ingredients and beneficial properties: Hydration, Energy, Serenity and Vitality. And the organic tea is a source of antioxidants, low Calorie, no preservatives and no artificial colorants. It is a refreshing and healthy drink. Thus all the elements should be considered in the project.

2. Mailed to all of our linguists and asked them to give a name based on the concepts of the organic tea and the client’s requirements;

3. The client wanted a Chinese brand name only with 3 characters, the name should be clear, concrete and easy to remember.

4. Sorted out the names given from our professional linguists and product managers and picked out 5 of them, then recommended to the client.

5. We have sent 5 brilliant names along with the titling reasons and explanation for each name to our client. Finally the client got his favorite name.

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