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The client approached us to translate their marketing and technical business documents from Russian into English and German.

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About Client:
FirstBit has been providing business software solutions across Russia and the CIS for the past fourteen years. FirstBit has established itself as a market leader by successfully completing over 90,000 company-specific IT solutions. They have created smart IT solutions for various business economic and management processes, such as resource planning, finance management, accounting, HR management, logistics, CRM, SCM, MRP, etc.
About Project:
FirstBit wanted us to translate a variety of business technical and marketing documents with precision. Considering the technical and critical nature of software documents, we have to assign the project to subject matter expert translators with IT knowledge and follow proper QA processes to ensure high quality outcomes.
Our Solution:
  • Expert translators with technical language understanding took on the translation project, and we appointed a project manager to oversee the translation processes, ensure quality, and ensure on-time delivery.
  • Throughout the translation, our focus was on accuracy and maintaining the authenticity of the original message. For the marketing materials, we used flexible and promotional language while accurately conveying the key technical information.
  • Even if the source is inconsistent in this regard, the translation of the headings and titles in the documentation must follow a consistent target language structure. As a requirement, the length of the titles cannot exceed one line. Translators could check company and product names in the target language on their website :
  • We followed the client’s style guide: including company-specific instructions, grammar rules, and other style considerations such as formatting notes regarding spacing, fonts, hyphenation, capitalization, etc.
  • We thoroughly proofread and edited all translations to prevent errors, typos, missing translations, inappropriate punctuation, and overly complex and misleading language structures.
  • To ensure high translation quality, we implemented the TEP working process and provided three different versions of the TEP-process files, so that the client could spot-check all the files internally.
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