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The client has a report that need to be translated into simplified Chinese and then do the typesetting using InDesign.

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About the project:
The client has a report that need to be translated into simplified Chinese and then do the typesetting using InDesign. They provided us the entire source files that need to be used in the project before the project starts. These files include source .indd file, links, fonts and the English version PDF. This report has abundant of figures, charts and data, all of the data that in AUD also need to be localized into Chinese RMB. The final Chinese report should keep the same format as the English one. The translation accuracy and fast turnaround time should be paid extra attention to.

CCJK Solution:
1. CCJK project manager analyze the source files and create a SDL Studio package for translators.

2. Our translator with the real estate translation experience do the initial translation ensuring the works conveyed is linguistically accurate and consistent with the source file’s concept and interest.

3. As there are 7 pages of data in AUD that need to be converted to RMB, after the translation is done, we use the current exchange rate and calculate all of these data.

4. After the completion of this, the file is passed to our senior editor, he helped to correct the minor errors and readability of whole document.

5. The proofreader proofread all of the translation.

6. Our skilled typesetter do the typesetting using InDesign CS6 and make sure the Chinese version with the same format as the source English one.

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About client:
Landmark Harcourts is the only company dedicated exclusively to servicing the real estate needs of Regional and Rural Australia. They offer a very simple and professional real estate service to all the customers. Their services are aimed at wholesale and institutional investors in Australian agriculture, food assets and operational property management. As they are a reliable, quality source of accurate data and information, they become the leading real estate business in regional and rural Australia

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