Buy Australian Properties Brochure Translation & Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Clients has 13 pages A4 size brochures that need to be translated from English into traditional Chinese and then typeset and layout these brochures using Adobe InDesign.

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About the project:

Buy Australian Properties has 13 pages A4 size brochures that need to be translated from English into traditional Chinese and then typeset and layout these brochures using Adobe InDesign. The client needs to print out these brochures before he comes to China, so the timeline of this project is strictly confirmed. To meet the client’s needs, CCJK assigned a dedicated team of translators, editors and DTP typesetter so as to provide on stop solution. And we delivered the project on time.

The services including:

1) Brochure Translation and Localization

2) Brochure Layout and Typesetting

Our solution:

For language translation:

CCJK assign the job to translators who have experience in the Properties investment industry. Furthermore, CCJK ran a strict TEP (Translation, Editing and Proofreading) process. That is to say, we follow the quality guidelines of American Translation Association (ATA) and the brochure translation by a 2nd editor and proofread by a third party with relevant subject specialization, hence high quality can be guaranteed.

For desktop publishing:

Our DTP (Desktop Publishing) engineers typeset/formatted all pages in traditional Chinese with InDesign, and then we added an additional step of proofreading before final delivery to make sure there is no corrupted character, orphan line and orphan character in the InDesign file, the bold and italic texts in the source paragraph are correctly appeared in the target languages and the typesetting is in line with the habit of the target language.

About client:

Buy Australian Properties is a full service investment property company with a big difference. We will ensure that all our clients receive the best up to date genuine and correct advice, an exceptional level of service,

quality residential investment properties and sound recommendations. With the motto of “Investing with Confidence”, Buy Australian Properties is a customer based organization with our sole focus being the client’s needs. They have the faith to create a better way to invest in the Australian residential property market.

About CCJK:

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