Chinese Document translation services

Business knows no geographical boundaries. With the right tactics, limitations can be overcome if you have chosen the right translation service provider. CCJK astonishes its clients on the basis of excellent delivery in Chinese translation services.

The native translators are experienced, and understand the details and queries of a document and translate the documents back and forth to the desired language. Document translation is properly justified by fast turnaround time. 

CCJK provides impeccable English to Chinese and Chinese to English translation services, no matter how big or complex your documents are. CCJK assigns your documents to the translators who have prior experience in your industry, so that they can deliver high-quality results.

Chinese Technical Translation Services

Technical translation is the need for every business domain. CCJK technical translators induce their expertise carefully and efficiently. Our professional chinese translation services ensure that we meet the demand of the client but also keep a proper check and balance over the technical complexities of the document shared. 

Patents, copyright etc you name it and our best-certified translators will have it done by the requested time. 

Business demand is catered to with every subject matter with a precision that allows the business to avoid replicating any error and make business improvements over time. 

Documents We Cover: 

CCJK offers professional chinese translation for all types of technical documents. These include:

  • Process documents
  • User documents
  • Internal development documentation
  • Troubleshooting report
  • Product feature document
  • Release notes
  • Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Contractual agreements

For the translation of technical documents, one needs to be precise and accurate, use relevant terminology, be loyal to source language. If it is not up to the work then it will cause damage to your company and life both. Keeping all these things in mind, CCJK use native translators with subject-matter experts to provide customers with state-of-the-art technical translation services.

Chinese Medical Translation Services

Businesses engaged in healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors require the latest technological updates from time to time. The healthcare industry is a strong and one o the most prominent domains of as a business and as a consumer a well.

CCJK renders its translation services to facilitate any medical document translation required by a customer. Enterprises making a go for selling new medicines or launching a big procedure in medical science requires exclusive knowledge but language can be troublesome in this regard. 

Our medical translation services are not bound to any domain, we encourage our customers to reach from every corner of the world and we are happy to be of service!

Documents We Cover: 

Here at CCJK, we cover all types of medical documents and certificates including:

  • Medical reports
  • Questionnaires
  • Medical policies
  • Discharge summary
  • Medical tests
  • Medical history records
  • Operative report
  • Patient information leaflets
  • Information and identification sheet

Medical translation holds great importance in our lives. Any error in medical reports will put lives in danger. Therefore, you should go for a professional reliable  company which has a team of qualified and experienced translators of relevant fields. CCJK provides you with precise and accurate medical translations with the help of medical experts. They know the medical terminologies well and to ensure the quality of translation, a strict quality assurance process is followed.

Chinese Website Translation Services

With the latest emerging trends, a neck to neck competition has uplifted and brought doom for many. With a reliable website translation service, you can affiliate your business requirements according to the culture despite the language barrier.

Interpreting the right information and converting it into required language is what we do at CCJK. with the certified team of translators you will break limitations and be able to have a global reach in no time at all. 

Different regional dialects are spoken in China. So, the native translators at CCJK know the linguistic and regional intricacies and provide the customers with impeccable website localization services.

It is observed that people tend to buy products and services that are in their language. No doubt, China is a lucrative market in the world. Therefore, to penetrate the Chinese market, CCJK can provide you with robust website translation services.

Let the experts handle it

CCJK headquarters resides in China, so how come we do not provide Chinese translation services? We do! At all times.

Known to be one of the fastest emerging international languages, you can have your projects translated from Chinese to English or to and from any other language of your choice. Our clients always have the freedom to send the documents at their ease and we guarantee an accurate version of the project translated in fast turnaround time.

We understand the importance of business expansion and building goodwill is a crucial step to earn the trust of new prospects. Trust us to let you take your business to new horizons in the business world.


CCJK recruits the best native linguists with specializations in subject matters. Most translators are level 2 and level 3 certified.
Usually 2500-3000 words/day are translated, however, the number of words can vary according to the requirement. Turnaround time is dependent on the client’s requirements as well.
Sequential mediums are followed to ensure the standard quality of our Chinese translation services. Mediums are balanced between manual translators and automated translations for the best outcome.
We accept all types of document formats, however, it is suggested that documents must be sent in the formats that are accessible and editable (to incur minimum costs).
Unfortunately, it is not a straightforward answer. The cost varies due to several factors such as language pair involved, the deadline given by the client, etc. To get exact pricing for the project, you can contact us here.

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