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For the past two decades, CCJK has been empowering global businesses, bridging linguistic barriers, and expanding their reach to an international customer base. We are a leading Chinese translation agency, offering accurate, precise, and reliable Chinese to English translation services. Our team of industry-expert translators will help you grow in the global marketplace by translating Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, and other dialects) and working as your growth partners. 

The Chinese economy is growing rapidly; consequently, the need and demand for Chinese to English translation service are increasing exponentially. If you want to take your Chinese business or brand to foreign markets, you must be aware of the various vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, colloquial jargon, cultural differences, and references that make Chinese different from English and other languages.

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Industry-Specific Chinese Translation Services

Get expert-level translations into Chinese for diverse industries and content types from your trusted agency, CCJK. Our commitment to excellence, linguistic expertise, and team of seasoned linguists makes us the most credible choice in the market. Here, we provide specialized Chinese document translation services for all major industries. Our Chinese language translators are familiar with complex industry terminologies and also have in-depth cultural understanding to provide you with best-in-class Chinese to English and English to Chinese translation services. Some of our high in demand industries for Chinese language translation services are as follows:


Premium Quality Chinese Translation Services

We have established a rigorous translation management and QA testing process to ensure client satisfaction with our quality and service. Here, you’ll get tailored Chinese translator services with linguistic fluency and cultural precision. Our trademark due diligence enables us to keep your information secure and intact, saving you from unnecessary delays and complexities.

Fast Delivery
Fast Delivery

CCJK respects clients’ timelines and delivers committed work within the scheduled deadlines. We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure workflow automation and optimized processes that guarantee on-time project delivery.

Affordable Prices
Affordable Prices

Good quality professional Chinese translation services don’t have to come with a hefty price tag. We provide scalable solutions and keep our Chinese translation service rates economical for clients with no hidden costs.

Data Confidentiality
Data Confidentiality

We handle your critical documents with the utmost care and security to avoid data breaches. Our internal TMSs are designed with restricted access protocols and we follow strict privacy policies to maintain your data confidentiality.

Unravelling Chinese Language Intricacies

Chinese is the official language of 92% of the Chinese population, and it’s the second most spoken international language. Interestingly, the Chinese language is not limited to its borders; it is also the official and co-official language of many countries, including Singapore (2 million), Taiwan (23 million), Indonesia (2.6 million), Malaysia (6.7 million), and Hong Kong (7 million). Furthermore, it is widely spoken in the US (3.5 million) and Canada (1.2 million).

Translating content to or from Chinese can be challenging because of its complex linguistic nuances. To create translations that are contextually relevant, linguistically accurate, and resonating with locales, one must be aware of the language intricacies.

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Chinese Nuances Linguistic Intricacies While Doing Translations
Logographic Charterers
Visual Symphony

Chinese alphabets are different from English alphabets. It uses logographic characters with distinct units of meaning. The high character complexity increases the difficulty level of translating Chinese.

Tonal Dynamics
Precision of Pitch

Chinese is a tonal language, and a change in tone can totally change the meaning. Understanding the four main tones of Chinese is crucial for language interpreters to avoid misunderstandings.

Dialect Diversity
Tapestry of Voices

 Different dialects of Chinese are spoken across the regions, representing the cultural richness and variations. Linguists must be familiar with all Chinese dialects to effectively approach Chinese translations.

Writing System
Stroke Order

 Traditional Chinese and Mandarin use different writing directions, right to left and left to right, respectively. The stroke order intricacies and complex character formation required intensify the translation difficulty.

Pictographic Roots
Visual Language Evolution

 The Chinese language is essentially the representation of objects. It has a pictographic origin, where each character is evolved from the images, which makes Chinese script hard to learn for non-natives.

Bridging Phonetic Gap

 The government of China has developed Pinyin that uses Latin alphabets to represent the pronunciation of Chinese characters. It is widely used in educational materials, helping new learners navigate the complexities of language.

Character Components
Unlocking Meaning

 Chinese characters are made of small components that give meaning to that character. Breaking down characters helps with the interpretation of specific meanings and the discernment of the semantic context.


Chinese Is Incredibly Diverse Dialectically

The dialectical diversity of the Chinese language has a huge impact on translation quality. It’s crucial for a Chinese language translator to have an in-depth understanding of different Chinese dialects to effectively translate into Chinese for diverse regions.

Dialects Regions Complexities

Northern and Southwestern China

Tonal dynamics, phonetic variations and distinct pronunciation patterns add nuances to this standardized dialect.


Southern China, especially in Hong Kong, Macau and Guangdong

There are around six or nine tones in its sub-dialects, with a wide-ranging vocabulary, slangs and colloquial expressions.


Eastern China, mostly in shanghai and surrounding regions

This Chinese dialect comes with a lot of phonetic differences and unique pronunciations that you may not find in Mandarin.

Hokkien (Min Nan)

Southern Fujian, Taiwan and Southeast Asian regions

Hokkien has significant phonetic variations across regions and the influence on neighbouring languages creates a complex linguistic tapestry.


Southern China, Taiwan and parts of Southeast Asia

The pronunciation of Hakka is very different from other dialects with many tonal distinctions requiring meticulous attention to pitch variations.


Hunan Province

It is a relatively complex tonal system with many phonetic variations and a unique lexicon. It has a distinct grammatical structure from Mandarin and other Chinese dialects.


Jiangxi Province and surroundings

It follows complex tone sandhi rules where tones are changed based on context. Gan also exhibits nasalization of vowels, which isn’t found in Mandarin.

In order to cover the vast cultural and geographical landscape of the country, our team of translators at CCJK has proficiency in all major Chinese dialects.

Acceptance Guaranteed

All linguists at CCJK have industry-recognized certifications and qualifications, such as ISO 9001:2015, ATA, GALA, etc., that reflects our commitment to excellence. Our translations are compliant with international quality standards and adhere to data security protocols. International authorities worldwide accept our translations, ranging from legal papers and software API documentation to sensitive medical reports.


Specialized Chinese Interpreting Services

We help you navigate the complexities of cross-cultural communication with professional interpretation services. Get top-tier interpreting services tailored to your unique business communication needs. Our interpreters are proficient in providing consecutive, simultaneous, conference and chuchotage interpretations in diverse settings. Effectively and clearly communicate with your foreign business partners, clients, and other stakeholders with refined Chinese interpreter services.

Meet Our Native Chinese Translators

We’ve a network of 30,000+ language experts, including local Chinese translators, who are well versed in the nuances of language and culture. Our qualified linguists at CCJK are skilled in both traditional and simplified Chinese translation services and can help you scale your business internationally. We assign a dedicated team of translators to each translation project to confirm that every project gets the right amount of attention to maintain our quality benchmark and premium service.

Bai Cheng

With proficiency in Chinese language, she has expertise in literature and marketing translation. She has 10 years of experience in providing Chinese translation and interpretation services.

Mulan Gao

With special attention to detail, she is great at proofreading and editing Chinese documents. Also, she has 7 years of experience in providing Chinese translations for technical documents.

Chao Wáng

5 years of experience in transcription and legal translation. He has a strong command over different dialects of the Chinese language.

Jia Zhang

He is adept in gaming translation with 3 years of experience in the Chinese market.

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CCJK is the top Chinese translation company that provides professional translation services from and into all major and rare languages. Get your Chinese business translation services from experienced translators and expand your business into the lucrative market of China.

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We have an expert team of native Chinese translators with years of experience in industry-specific translations. Expert subject-matter professionals will work on your project to provide linguistically accurate and precise translations. Furthermore, a dedicated project manager will be allocated to supervise your Chinese project throughout the process.

A Chinese translator typically works on 2500-3000 words per day. By considering your project volume and industry, you can get an idea of your turnaround time. But keep in mind that turnaround time also depends on various factors, such as your content volume and the technical complexity of your documents.

Being an ISO-certified translation service agency, we assure all our clients of finest translation quality. We employ only native expert translators with years of experience in their domains. Plus, our proofreading and quality control processes are very stringent, which helps ensure professional standard Chinese translations every time. Furthermore, a project manager supervises your project to ensure premium quality translations and on-time delivery.

We accept all file formats; clients do not need to change the format before providing the data.

There are a number of factors that determine your project’s cost, such as the required delivery time, length, industry, etc. Regular customers may also benefit from discounts on our services.

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