Japanese Children’s Book Translation Case Study

This is an English children’s book with 2300 words that need to be translated into Japanese.

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About the project:
The client has a small, but important book project for us. This is an English Children’s book with 2300 words that need to be translated into Japanese. The English source application is InDesign CS5.5. Therefore, we should arrange the DTP specialist to do the typesetting job for the translated book and make sure the delivery is ready for printing.
We only have 7 days to get all things done.

CCJK Solutions:
As we all know, Translation of a Children’s literature work is never an easy thing like 1, 2, 3. To ensure the readability and speakability of the Children’s book, the translator firstly have a good command of his native language and try to keep the vitality of the language of the original author alive, which means that get inside the skin of the author. Last but not the least, creativity is an important feature for book translator, as is the demand to write precisely and use expressions which are as concrete as possible. CCJK carefully selected the Japanese book translator on the above mentioned criteria.

CCJK have rigid working process for book translation:
We applied Trados Studio 2009 for Indesign file translation. The qualified translators did the actual translation in TM environment ensuring the works conveyed is linguistically accurate and consistent with the author’s original concept. The translation memory tools will be applied and consolidated for a given period of time to ensure internally consistency. Third-Party reviewer is responsible for the wording, consistent style and readability of whole document; they will also take into account the cultural interpretation of the source and use of appropriate terminology to convey the writer’s message during reviewing. After reviewing, our team will have a final check on the translated files, inspecting the minor or careless mistakes and format. etc.

CCJK DTP Solutions:
We have some 10 in-house DTP operators as well as an extended network of freelance DTP experts to support almost all languages in the world. Our professional DTP specialists applied Indeign CS 5.5 for this book. To meet the publishing requirements, we kept the book layout, fonts and colors are in the same style of the original English book.

Being a quality sensitive supplier, CCJK required the in house language lead verifies linguistic quality in context, highlights changes in layout files. When this process finished, the DTP operator verified layout quality and implemented the book based on linguistic QA changes.

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About CCJK:
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