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The press relaese need to be properly translated will rightfully convey accurate message to the masses, such as websites, newspapers.

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About the project:
The client wants an international reach/aspiration and get a press relase that need to be translated into Chinese to increase their presence. The press release is about assisting Chinese residents in bringing international students from family and friends in china to study in foreign countries and become permanent residents. The press release should be translated accurately and timely.

As the press relaese need to be properly translated will rightfully convey accurate message to the masses, such as websites, newspapers, magazines, radio and TV shows & trade publications, the translation for the press release need to be accurate and represent exactly what you stated in your original release, and that too quite effectively.

Like any other type of document translation, press releases often contain industry-specific information, and it may seem like short and simple pieces of basic marketing materials, and we shouldn’t use an amateur linguist to handle the press release translation.

Our Solution:
• Highly accurate translation: due to have a good understanding of the nature of the press release, we assign our translation to seasoned linguists who are experts in the area the press release deals with. And we follow the strict TEP (translation, editing and proofreading) process to ensure the accuracy of the translation. When they reach the editor’s desk in a target city, there’s a high probability the release will be published thanks to the quality of translation.

• Delivery on time: Nobody can deny that time is a major factor when translating press releases. We insist not only on quality translation, but also on meeting the deadline of the project as well. We work with the client to be certain we receive the source press release as early as possible so our team generate the translations in short order and deliver the translation timely.

• Competitive pricing: we CCJK provides the clients with world-class service and results while maintaining very reasonable rates. Once we confirmed the project with the client, we’re confident that we stay with us and deliver the best translated press releases, on schedule and at a fair price.

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