French Document translation services

As a translation service provider, we understand the need for professional french translation services with foolproof tricks to detonate translation from source language to target language. Therefore, CCJK happily entails its clients with french language translation services for all types of documents. With the highest level of security, confidentiality is well-maintained and highly effective in keeping the information intact. 

Our French translators provide a genuine copy of translated content in a time-efficient way to accommodate our clients within reasonable rates. Your documents are in safe hands! Let us know about your documents in detail and we are more than happy to answer any queries. 

French Technical Translation Services

The technical domain in any language is hard enough to verbalize and yet retain the original context. Major companies hire a professional translation company to do the deeds on their behalf, providing them the accurate translation. And so, CCJK plays its role in delivering flawless technical translation in the French language

Our technical French translation services rely on the quality and our native translators are associated with the required industries which explains their proficiency. A quality translation depends on a translator’s skill so we guarantee to assign only subject matter experts for this domain. Try our French technical translation services right away.

French Medical Translation Services

Medical science is a living pulse for all industries. Every once in a while, companies need to come up with medical solutions for an epidemic and thus an exchange of information is required. CCJK is always proud to help and provide medical translation services with the help of our subject matter experts with a proven record of delivering accurate translation. 

With utmost precision, medical information is enfolded to and from the French language to any desired target language. We make sure our clients’ requirements are catered during the translation process. We offer reasonable rates for our French medical translation services. Give it a try and we ensure guaranteed translation quality.

French Website Translation Services

Website translation is not mere words but it’s a professional practice to localize and help bridge the cultural differences. CCJK enlists expert translators that can translate and localize your website and guarantee to localize your website(s) according to the targeted niche. 

Whether you need specific pages or entire site translated, we always welcome our clients regardless of the size of the project. Our translators translate into the target language in the way best suited for your products and services. It’s never too late to make your online business multi-lingual. We are here for you as a reliable french translation company, give us a call now. 

Let the experts handle it

Didn’t understand it? To avoid letting you face the trouble to translate projects and single documents, why not let us handle the translation for you?

How are you doing?

CCJK has always been relentless when it comes to providing quality French translation services. Despite time differences (as our headquarters are in China), our customer care services are responsive to all clients. You are just 24hours always of acquiring the best professional translators for French translation with any language pair. Make your business expand on the French land or elsewhere and we assure you our translation services remain cost-effective.


We have an expert team of native translators performing effectively and punctually. With their extensive experience in a range of industries, we are able to deliver excellent document translation services to and from the French language.
A translator works on 2500-3000 words per day. But turnaround time also depends on certain factors, such as urgency, and technicality, etc. However, our translation services are known for fast turnaround time.
By ISO 9001:2008, we assure you a perfect standardized quality of the project. Native expert translators are hired with years of experience and proofreading is done strictly as well.
We offer our translation services in any available format. Clients do not need to convert the format before providing the data.
Project cost is variable to independent factors such as duration, length, industry, etc. If a language is in high demand then price can vary accordingly, or even loyal clients can also avail discount offers on our services as well.

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