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There are many files; some should be translated to Brazil Portuguese, some to Indonesian, Vietnamese and Russian. All files should be submitted in the next morning.

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About the Project:
The client has a long-term & urgent project. That’s to say, there would be some files to be translated everyday and delivered in the next morning. It is a little urgent, but we can provide this kind of urgent translation service.

Requirements and/or challenges:
1. There are many files; some should be translated to Brazil Portuguese, some to Indonesian, Vietnamese and Russian. All files should be submitted in the next morning.

It is too difficult for Vietnamese and Indonesian to deliver in the next morning because the client often sent us files in the afternoon.

2. Put Translation under English paragraphs; use Blue Font Color for translation.

Sometimes, translator would forget to make it blue, or lost some words or one sentence be translated.

3. There is a memo…sometimes, when the meaning of original English text is not clear. Please translates the unclear sentences at your own understanding Because the English text not the source, but translated from Korean.

The English is poor readable. Sometimes, the translator should guess the English meaning according to the memo, and then translate it into target language. But sometimes, it is too difficult to understand the English text for translators; maybe the translators would leave English untranslated.
CCJK Solution:

1. We have excellent regular translation partners (Indonesian and Vietnamese) who can deal with this kind of urgent project in the evening. As for Russian and Brazil Portuguese, the translator can deal with in the day because of time difference.

2. If the translator forgot to make words blue, PM should do it instead of the translator before delivering to the client. Besides, the font of all target language words should be the same. And the size should be the same as source language.

3. When the translator couldn’t understand the English meaning because of poor English expression, I will tell him my understanding. Then the translator will consider his own understanding and my understanding to translate.

At the same time, I would list these words or sentences in query log file and ask our client to tell the clearer meaning. If there is diference from the translator’s understanding, then send the files back to the translators to update.

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My Opinion:
1. This project lasted several months. The files came to me in every afternoon. The translated files were submitted to the client in the next morning. When the volume was too large (such as over 5000 words for one language), the files would be sent to 2 translators (long-term partner with top-quality) to deal with.

2. As a PM, it is so important to do QA. If I found there was words or sentences untranslated, it is necessary to send it back to the translator to update them. I often adjusted the layout well before sending to the client. When the volume for one language was large and files sent to two or more translators, I often used X-bench to examine the consistence and other problems.

3. In order to deliver files with top-quality in the next morning, I often dealt with Brazil Portuguese and Russian in midnight. If there is any word or sentence untranslated, I will send email to the translator asap. Then I can get updated files in time. As for Vietnamese and Indonesian, I could deal with them in the next early morning because the time difference between us and the translators is not big.

4. It was a hard job which needed to be dealt in midnight and early morning. However, it’s my great pleasure when I received my client’s satisfied reply each time, such as GREAT, WELL DONE……

In CCJK, it is the most important principle to provide top-quality service.

About Client:
Our client is Lexcode who is also a language translation service provider. Lexcode started in 2002 with three young people in a humble office in Cheonan, a suburban city, 60km south of Seoul. In 2009, the office was moved to Seoul. Now, there are over 30 employees and are generating 10 times more revenue then they did 10 years ago.

About CCJK:
Founded in 2000 and born for Internet, CCJK is a highly trusted professional e-Services company supported by more than 2,000 talented linguists, engineers, designers and programmers who work as a super organized team. From language translation, desktop publishing, graphic design, software localization, website development, SEO, user guide to corporate eLearning, we provide one stop solution to help client gain competitive edge.

We rely on streamlined and sophisticated process to ensure fast and quality delivery. By trusting CCJK’s one stop solution, you need only focus on your core business, win market share and maximize your profit in simplest and soonest way. For more details about CCJK, please visit www.ccjk.com.

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