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Laying out the translations in the publisher file, and formatting the publisher file so it’s publish-ready.Translations will need to be pasted into the publisher file and formatted.

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About the project:
the client has a pub format English source file to be translated into Korean. The file is quite urgent and needs to be delivered within the day.

Client’s requirement:
1. Translation and Proofreading: Publication1

2. IMPORTANT Notes:Laying out the translations in the publisher file, and formatting the publisher file so it’s publish-ready.

Publisher is not a memoQ compliant format. A PDF is created from the publisher file to import into memoQ.

Translations will need to be pasted into the publisher file and formatted.

DELIVERABLES: Publish-ready MS publisher file with proofed final translations laid out to match the source format.

Translated RTF exported from memoQ

Edited RTF exported from memoQ

Proofed: final memoQ project completed with all segments confirmed and clean QA report with all errors resolved and all warnings addressed.

Our Solution:
1. Read very carefully the client’s instruction, note what we should pay attention to during translation, and the deliverable files required by the client; then download the source pub file and mqout file from the client’s server, export to rtf file for translation; we analyzed the file to find out which translation field it belongs, so as to find the suitable translator to ensure the best quality.

2. As it’s in the morning, we assign the rtf file to the one of our best long-cooperating Korean translators with years of experience in this field and ask him to return it by noon; meanwhile inform the proofreader of this field in KO to prepare proofreading in the afternoon along with sending him the source file for reference and tell him the delivery deadline of 17:00 within the day;

3. Then assign the proofreading job to him after receiving the translation and tell him to meet the deadline;

4. After receiving the proofreading rtf, import it into memoQ and run QA, ask the proofreader to resolve all the errors which are very few, and export a QA report Excel, then confirm all the segments; and finally export a final memoQ delivery file.

5. The final step is very important as required by the client: paste the KO translation into the pub file with the same format of the original English one. Ask the translator to paste and he’ll also know the proofread and learn from it.

6. Finally, deliver the translation rtf, proofreading rtf, final memoQ delivery file, clean QA report with all errors resolved and all warnings addressed and the Korean version pub file.

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So the project is successfully completed and delivered. The client is satisfied with the project. More projects coming…

About LinguaLinx:
LinguLlinx provides everything from outsourced documentation, XML migration, content authoring and multiplatform publishing to multilingual solutions such as translation, interpreting and desktop publishing. It partners with clients to enhance all aspects of the content lifecycle.


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