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The client has an annual report need to be translated into Chinese. It is a 14 pages PDF and is designed by Adobe InDesign CS6.

About the project:
The client has an Annual report need to be translated into Chinese. It is a 14 pages PDF and is designed by Adobe InDesign CS6. Therefore, this project will require both translation ability and Adobe InDesign skills, as well as general graphic and layout capabilities, as the client will be looking for a finished product at the end of the process.

CCJK Solutions:
As we all know, for many businesses, the end of every financial year is their busiest period. You might have some financial documents need to be translated into other languages.

Annual report is one of the most important documents a company publishes. The purpose of an annual report is to inform investors of the company’s financial statistics and future expansion intentions.

So we offer translation services of the highest quality and prioritize our having available a broad range of qualified translators and proof-readers to handle this process fast and professionally. In addition, we also employ the latest technologies, such as translation memory tools.

As an annual report is not a stand-alone document; it needs to keep consistency when compared with previous years’ reports to provide full insight into the finances.

After getting the source INDD files from the client, we analyze it and assign the job to the translators with relevant experiences. We employ the SDL Trados tool when doing the translation as it is more easier to keep the same format and then go on with the typesetting using InDesign CS6.

For the translation, we let a translator translate the annual report from scratch and take the culture and other factors into consideration to make sure of high quality, and then another translator reviewed the translation, after that, a Third-Party reviewer is responsible for the wording, consistent style and readability of whole document.

As we have highly qualified and skilled DTP specialists and graphic designers in our office, so we can make sure the annual report will distinguish itself by its quality and perfect look.

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About CCJK:
With 12 yeas growth and development, CCJK provides a wide range of Localization/Translation and Graphic/Web Design services to help organizations expand their businesses internationally into every corner of the world.

With a dedicated team of highly qualified and disciplined professionals who are equipped with cutting-edge techniques, our mission is to arrange and optimize adequate resources to deliver the best quality in the most reasonable lead time.

We cherish quality as much as efficiency and never sacrifice these values by accepting unrealistic projects or deadlines. Quality and customer satisfaction are our main priorities!

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