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Slovenian Tourist Board

(STB) wish to translate a scope of tourism texts from English to Simplified Chinese. It is required that the translated text should be in informative, directive and evocative tone.

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About the project:
The Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) is the marketing, information and analytical tourist centre of the country which uses all the modern methods, approaches, tools and activities of the global marketing of the Slovenian tourist offer. They wish to translate a scope of tourism texts from English to Simplified Chinese. The project is rich in genres, including travel guide, slogan, hotel reservation, maps, tourism brochures, spot introductions, travel safeguard and advertisements. It is required that the translated text should be in informative, directive and evocative tone.

Our Solution:
1. CCJKer understand that the objective of tourism translation is not to translate the original messages into a very equivalent translation, but to translate based on the intended functions of the target text and tourist is always the tourism translation objective. For the initial of the project, our project manager selected the qualified translator and reviewers who have background knowledge regarding to the Slovenia culture and history to take up the project.

2.In order to make sure of the perfect translation, we strictly followed the quality guidelines of American Translators Association (ATA) and every translation is edited by a second linguist and proofread by a third party to assure the best quality.

3. During translation, our qualified translator and reviewer paid close attention to the tourism translation stylistic features and functions. For example, there are abundances of proper names which could be found in project. Proper names in tourism texts have a wide of range from the names of a destination like a city, an area or a tourism spot, to the name of a hotel, a café ,a building or even a bus station, whose forms, pronunciations and spellings usually could not be changed and wildly accepted by local people in a fixed way.

4. The completed translation should be posted on the translation board; therefore it is very necessary to run a post-production check based on the client’s requirements. Our linguist team reviewed the project carefully to make sure the accuracy, format and stylistic features of the translations are fixed in a proper way.

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Abou Client:
The Decree on the founding of the public commercial institute of the Slovenia Tourism Promotion Centre (STPC) then replaced the TCPC with the new Slovenia Tourism Promotion Centre. The founders were the Republic of Slovenia, i.e. the Government, and the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce. Through a decree amending the earlier decree founding the public commercial institute, the Slovenia Tourism Promotion Centre changed its English name to Slovenian Tourist Board, and the Government remained the sole founder.

Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) is the major national tourist organization for linking the existing products and programmers of national importance and advancing the progress of new ones. It is the contact and central point in the complex network of the Slovenian tourism which plays a coordinating and linking role between the public, private and civil society.

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