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As there are only have some difference between the latest surveys and last year’s, to save the cost and keep the translations as consistent as possible.

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Towers Watson, headquarters in New York, USA, is a leading global professional services company that helps organizations improve performance through effective people, risk and financial management. With 14,000 associates around the world, we offer solutions in the areas of employee benefits, talent management, rewards, and risk and capital management. They have lots of surveys that need to be translated in several languages.

As there are only have some difference between the latest surveys and last year’s, to save the cost and keep the translations as consistent as possible, translation company usually create the TM and use SDL Trados Studio 2009 or SDL Trados Studio 2011 to deal with the translation. Translators should learn how to use this tools and deliver professional translations with high quality.


Opening packages:
After getting the studio package from the project Manager, open Studio and go to the Home view, then select Open Package. Browse to the package (.sdlppx) we received from the project manager and click Open. Then click on Finish. Choose a folder to save the files, once the package has been imported to Studio, click Close. Go to Projects view, doubl-click the project name and make sure the project you need to work on appear in bold.

Working on the files:
1. Read the project manager’s instructions carefully, start at the beginning of the file and scroll to the first unlocked entry. Update the segment as required and then press Ctrl+Enter.

2. There are also some fuzzy matches that need to be wordked on, it can be anywhere between 67 and 99%. This means that the TM entry is 67 to 99% similar to the new source text and should be reviewed/amended as necessary.

3. We should always check fuzzy matches, regardless of whether they have already been edited. In the translation results window, Studio will highlight the differences between the TM entry and new source segment using tracked changes.

4. Usually, we just need to change the translation for only part of the sentence. We also should avoid introducing stylistic changes as we have been instructed by Towers Watson to stick to the reference material as closely as possible.

5. The tags in the studio need to be transferred accurately to the target column, in order for the formatting to display correctly in the final files. The ‘safest’ way is to position your cursor in the target column and press Ctrl+Ins and then overwrite the English text with the translation.

We can press F3 to search a special term’s translation that we are not sure of in the TM. When we are doing the translation, we should check the consistency of the terms within a survey, using the display filter is usefull. The usual Find function (Ctrl+F) is also available. To activate the filter, please go to View > Toolbars > Display Filter.

6. When we are proofreading the translation, we usually need to use track changes funtion. This feature is available in Studio 2011. To activate and deactivate the track changes tool , please go to Tools > Track Changes > Toggle Track Changes On/Off (Ctrl+Alt+F9).

7. Another method to check the files is to use the QA checker, the QA Checker aims to automate the detection of some translation errors.

8. After all of translation is done and checked, we save the file and then go to the Projects view and right-click on the project name and select Create Return Package.( file extension .sdlrpx) and this is the delivery file.

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