The client wants to develop the Southbank website from scratch. The client provides us with the English content and need us to help them with the Chinese localization.

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Southbank is an exceptional land estate. The parent company of Southbank estate is Hillsfar. The location of Southbank alone, near the banks of the upper reaches of Southern River and opposite reserved bushland, offers lifestyle opportunities that are not often available so close to the City of Perth. Southbank offer a range of quality homesites to choose from – 350 square metres (sqm) to 450sqm at prices that will have you smiling. Southbank Estate offers investors a unique opportunity to own land in Southern River, by buying at today’s prices, using an “Option to Buy”, while not having to settle for many years. For more information about Southbank estate, please refer to their website or

The client wants to develop the Southbank website from scratch. The client provides us with the English content and need us to help them with the Chinese localization. The Southbank website requires both English and mandarin functionality. There should be two buttons on the home page that can be selected and switched between English and Mandarin. The style of the design needs to appeal to both Chinese and Australians. This website should have a similar layout and format/style to, including similar estate lot plans in color and downloadable PDF. When the customer visit the website and want to download the PDF, they should fill in the contact form, and then the PDF files will be sent to the email address, so the client can trace the website visitors and get contact with them.

CCJK assigned a dedicated team of translators, website developer to provide on stop solution to meet the client’s requirements.

CCJK collaborated with Southbank and another designer to develop the website. We established not only a solid localization process to carry out the English to Chinese translation and develop the bilingual website with WordPress.

To localize the client’s English site in WordPress, the following process was set up to maximize efficiency while minimizing cost:

Bilingual WordPress Website Building Process
1. After getting the content of the whole website, we assigned our seasoned translators to translate and edit the content in a Translation Memory (TM) environment, create and maintain three valuable translation assets for client: glossary, TM and style guide.

2. CCJK engineer get the layout design and coded them into html and then begin to programming the English version website with WordPress.

3. CCJK engineer creates a Chinese version in WordPress and places the translated text into it and localize those forms and addon items in WordPress.

4. CCJK designer localize those English images and banners and replace them with Mandarin ones.

5. CCJK tests to make sure both linguistic and functional issues work well.

6. Southbank distributors review the layout and text to make sure everything is OK.

7. Southbank launches

The result of successful operation of the above process is the fully localized in the website:

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