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When the Chinese and Japanese website launched in, CCJK helped to review if the layout and the translations are properly posted in the web and it reads similar to the original English site.

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About the project:
In order to develop integrated solutions for communication across the Asia Pacific markets, facilitate and streamline chemical business processes to maximize economic benefits. ATOMS entrusted us to localize their website into simplified Chinese and Japanese.

It is critical to realize accurate translation of chemical terminology, meet chemical industry regulations and company’s vision. CCJK should ensure that the website translations read like marketing text written by native speakers, while rendering all the technical details of the source text correctly.

Our Solution:
1. The client provided the working doc files for our translation, for the Menu part of website, it was highlighted in red, and the link part is in green in source file. Then the translations should keep the same format as the source file. For doing so, it is striking and convenient for ATOMS website engineer places the translated text back to the mirror site without any error, even they do not master in the target languages.

2. CCJK has implemented our internal strict quality assurance process to surpass the client’s language quality thresholds. We have selected dedicated chemical translators for each language combination to meet the expanded and fast-growing chemical enterprises diversified needs, the native translators who have strong chemical background, as well as familiar with the marketing materials style.

3. When the Chinese and Japanese website launched in, CCJK helped to review if the layout and the translations are properly posted in the web and it reads similar to the original English site. During reviewing, we found that some content updated in English site without any notice, in order to keep consistency, our translator updated the Chinese and Japanese translation according to create value and save extra cost for the client in a long run.

About client:
ATOMS is a private company manufacturing and marketing specialist chemical products of a high degree of purity. The cooperated customers include academic, industrial and government R&D, with dedicated laboratories, and commercial companies in the pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, automotive and chemical/petrochemical sectors.

In 2002, following the intuition of Davide Marchetti, the company began a process of constant investment in research and the manufacture of fullerenes and their derivatives, achieving advances in process automation and remote control, and reaching a leading position in the field of carbon nanotechnologies. Over the years it has developed and refined the production, extraction, separation and purification of C60 and higher fullerenes, of the purest quality.

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