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World economy’s demands for high-skilled bilingual professionals. so they were in need of a professional team who could help them in translating their website in perfect Chinese language.

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About Career Engine:
Career Engine is an online job board network which is targeting high-skilled bilingual professionals with both foreign language competency and professional experience in the global market place. It is designed ideally for both direct hires and HR sourcing agencies.Also this platform powers the online job boards for many of China’s largest foreign Chambers of Commerce, as well as a wide range of other popular English publications, educational institutions, and various other organizations targeting bilingual professionals.

Descriptions & Requirements:
With the rapid development of China and the global economy, world economy’s demands for high-skilled bilingual professionals are increasing fast. Our client Career Engine has a job distribution network, which is a multilingual website and was already in English and Japanese. Now, they were planning to further their services to open the China market, so they were in need of a professional team who could help them in translating their website in perfect Chinese language.

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It is a website localization project but different from before, we don’t translate directly on the html files or via client’s backend. The client exported all the contents to be translated in PO files. Actually, we have lot of experiences and professional tool to translate directly on PO file. Our final delivery for translations could be in any format the clients specified, which includes the Microsoft Office suite, Adobe Frame Maker, Quark XPress, XML, Adobe PDF, Adobe Illustrator and PageMaker, etc.

As we are a Corporate Member of American Translators Association (ATA), we follow ATA guidelines to run a strict TEP (Translation, Editing and Proofreading) process for every project to make sure of top quality. Moreover, as we always do, we used translators who have specific qualifications and industry experience and are able to give the most culturally accurate, technically adept and up-to-date translations for our clients, which are also discreetly verified before the translators became members of CCJK.

CCJK has provided professional translation services in Human Resources industry in more than 100 languages in the past decade. Nowadays, HR department has to deal with employees world-widely who might not be able to speak English fluently. That’s why more and more clients are in need of the services of a translation agency that can handle the special needs for their human resources department.

By translating your human resources files, we will always ensure that your personnel will understand your company’s policy, procedures, forms, and any other internal documents. Our strict translation process guarantees you high quality and reliability.

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