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The translation of documents is very important to reach beyond global boundaries. CCJK is a part of globalization and provides you with accurate and precise translation with the help of native certified linguists and subject matter experts.

Russian document translation is provided with the best quality, quick turnaround time and affordable rates. Testimonials of our customers on our website shows that our clients are satisfied with our Russian Document Translation Services.

Russian Technical Translation Services

Technical translation is a specialized field. Text in technical translation compromises of scientific and technological information. The logos and the pictures that are projected on the products should be translated according to the specification of the product. If the technical aspect of the product is not translated properly. It will lead to a huge loss to the company.

CCJK knows the complexity of technical translation and provides subject matter experts to deal with the translation of your technical project. Time is very important in project management so CCJK completes your technical projects in fast turnaround time and affordable rates.

Russian Medical Translation Services

Human survival cannot be possible on earth without medical science. If global research on ailments and medicine is reached to a human being on time. It will be a great contribution to mankind. Fault in medical translation will lead to dire consequences.

CCJK is contributing towards human life by providing an accurate state of the art medical translation in fast turnaround time and economical rates. Testimonials of our satisfied customers on our website show customers trust in our Russian medical translation service.

Russian Website Translation Services

For expanding your business, translating the website in a native language is very important. People feel comfortable while browsing websites in their native language. The translated website helps customers in making rational decisions.

People can also make post-sale complaints easily at native translated website. Internet traffic also increases resulting in profits. CCJK helps to translate your website according to your local needs in fast turnaround time and competitive rates.

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The quality of localization and translation is comprehensive in all domains. With our professional translators at the backend, we provide an excellent translation in any language pair of your choice. Each project is done with iron-clad clarity and accurate translation.

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A smart human translation is our core asset to provide the best Russian translation services. Why not interpret the culture and industry requirement and get acquainted with affordable translation services?


CCJK is proud to have a team of trained and skillful Russian translators. They will translate your documents with precision in a rapid turnaround time.
Projects are finished with fast turnaround time depending upon their length. On average, each translator translates 2500-3000 words per day.
CCJK is certified by ISO 9001:2008. We follow a strict quality control process and provide accurate translation to ensure client satisfaction.
Microsoft word file format is the easiest to translate, however, our translation services apply to all format types. Prices of document/project vary according to the language pair and the quality of translation you are looking for. To get pricing now, you can contact us here.
Prices of document/project vary according to the language pair and the quality of translation you are looking for. To get pricing now, you can contact us here.

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