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The original video was spoken in French, Loimucha expected a professional team who could deliver perfect translation for the script from French into German, Spanish and English.

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About the project:
Loimucha has developed a new product which was needed to be advertised to Germany, Spain and England via video. The original video was spoken in French, Loimucha expected a professional team who could deliver perfect translation for the script from French into English, Spanish and German, as well as record the script in above three languages for the product. Also, Loimucha required that the audio we recorded should be synchronized with the original video.

Our solution:
1. For language translation: CCJK’s localization team made a professional and careful analysis based on the client’s requirements. Targeted at the purpose of the translation, CCJK select professional french native translators to take the translation job, strictly following the TEP translation process operation.

2. For voiceover: the client wanted to record the script with passion so that making the products being more convincing and attractive. Besides, the client expected the audio we recorded would be synchronized with the original French video.

So at the first, CCJK provides the client with very professional native voice talents and their demos for choosing.

Secondly, we made the time code sentence by sentence for both the original script and the translated version so that we voice talents can record the script based on the time code to synchronize the original video.

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Then CCJK made a proofreading for each audio we recorded to meet the requirements perfectly.

The client was very satisfied with our work and highly recommended us to another client.

About the client:
Loimucha, located in France, is a daily necessities Limited company, specialized in producing life’s apparatus.

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