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At CCJK we ensure to provide maximum compliance in terms of translation with specialized translators as our right hand. 

Manufacturing is a core domain for any industry. The most demanding in the material making is always in need of professional translators to cover their products, raw materials, and other accessories in several languages. The linguistic requirement is always uprising in demand, so to help our clients, we localize the manufactured products to maintain the global demand of the products. We assure you to translate every information with the utmost quality. After all, the best translation services equate happy clients. 

Documents We Translate

  • Quality agreement
  • Raw material specifications
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Force majeure
  • Mutual indemnification 
  • Commercial terms
  • Confidential information 
  • Intellectual property ownership
  • Masterbatch record

Manufacturing Terminology

We pride ourselves on our exclusive team of native translators. Why? Their ability to provide highly consistent, precise and clear translations leaves no room for misinterpretation or errors in the documents. 

The credit we give to our native linguists is well-deserving, we appreciate the valuable experience we had had with them. Multi-tasking in translation services is quite challenging and we always had scored the best in terms of producing an accurate translation of the manufacturing industry.

Our goal is to maintain and attract potential clients and keep the loyalty game strong. With our affordable translation services, we remain unprecedented. 

Manufacturing Translation Services Articles


Every project caters to different requirements, for instance with the length of the project, the completion time will vary. However, we ensure fast delivery and translate around 2500-3000 words per day.
There are different ways to maintain the translation quality, for instance; level 2 and level 3 expert translators proofread the document. Professional native translators are chosen to deliver a quality translation.
The cost of every project is different due to certain factors. However, we aim for affordable rates for the clients. If you want to have a fair price estimation, you can get a free quote now.
Confidential data is secured on online servers and limited access is provided. Besides that, translators sign NDAs as well to maintain the privacy of the data.
Our multilingual translators are native with an accurate grasp on the language and well aware of the latest updates (industrial wise). Moreover, we believe in providing affordable translation services which is a bonus for many clients.

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95% rating

Over 95% of Our Clients Recommend Our Language Translation Services to Others.

Our professional translation services are preferred by many globally known names. With nearly two decades of experience, CCJK’s quality-centric approach and professional services have earned us a reputation as the most-trusted language service provider around the globe

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